Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Several days ago, I was out with couple friends of mine and since then I had been bothered by something spoken out during the gatherings. One of my friends, I was not really close with her but she knew that recently I just quit my corporate job to focus more on my online shop. She asked me bluntly "So now what are you doing since you're jobless? eat and sleep?". And I fell in silent. 

In this universe, everyone can have their own opinion, good or bad, positive or negative. And I can't control people's reaction on how they think and feel about something. I know that I should have just care less and don't be bothered of what people think on my decision of quitting my job to pursue my passion. However, I have to be honest that sometimes I am sadden by the fact that many people still underestimate online business. Lots of people still have the same perception that online business was not really a real business where it can be a main job to get income from, the same perception where online business was supposed to be only a side job for fun or extra pocket money only.

I used to worked in a company specialized in MLM business, and just like online business, people also tend to have this bias against MLM where it's only a job for people who can't find a real job in a corporate world. I'm not lying that I used to be one of that people who thought that MLM was not a real profitable job, but my 5,5 years in that company changed the way I think and look at things. I actually saw many of my distributors who gave up their corporate manager and director level job in a big company to be focus in the MLM business as they really believe in it and they made money from it... big one. 

Before I started my online shop, I never assume that we can't get income from it. I am and always believe in the power of online world. But I would not be lying that I used to also think that online business can't be categorized as main job, I used to think that doing online business was easy and can be done as side job. Now that I am actually doing it, telling you... It's NOT. It needs as much as hard work and concentration as it is for those working in corporate world or those who own a store or company. Now that I am doing this, I actually applaud those seniors online shop who can last and success in it, because this is not easy.

Thinking back, I am not upset with my friend that bluntly saying me jobless, as she might be just like the old me, who thought that having an online shop was not really can be categorized as a job or an entrepreneur. That question my friend brought up had got me to think, why did I need that seconds to fell in silence before answering her. Am I still think that online business was not a real business? Sadly, I might be. 

When I was in process of dealing with my decision on resigning or not, I was terrified with people's thought on how when they met me and ask me what I am doing for living, and I would say nothing, I just quit my job. Now it hits me. How can I be sadden by the fact my friend popped up that question, while there was still part of me that think I am jobless? When sometimes I still can't say it with confidence that this online shop I am focusing right now is a business, when sometimes I still feel embarrassed acknowledging my self as business owner as I feel like this online shop was just a small thing to be called as it.

Being a newbie in entrepreneur world, things are really though, so though that sometimes people would just quit and go back on being an employee where stable income looked to be easier. But this is my dream, I don't wanna be attached with 9-6 job, I want to have more time to do something else, I wanna be my own boss, that's why I have to believe in it 100% and be strong on facing all the challenges. I am a business owner, a small one, but I am. I spent amount of money for stocks, all the buying trips abroad, and I even spent my savings on advertisement campaign. So what makes online shop owner different with those business owners with stores? That their stores are visible, while ours not? I reject the perception that working in a company or having a store are better or smarter than people working online. Both are the same as long as they are happy in doing it.

Well, my friend. I was wrong for being silent and not answering your question that day. I should have said and I say it now... I am no longer an employee but I am not jobless. I'm doing a business. 

Cheers all online shops' owner. Be bold and be confident!

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