Tuesday, February 28, 2012

90 Gourmet

We were supposed to go to The Windchime for our lunch, but turns out they only open from 11am - 2pm for lunch and by the time we found out it was almost 2pm and we were still far from the area. Too bad as I really wanted to try that place. With a pinch of disappointment, I started to think of other options for lunch and I remembered the last time I went to Bandung, I passed by 90 Gourmet on our way to D'Palm. 

When we walked in, how the place looked was beyond my expectation. It was gorgeous! The place was huge, very huge where the smoking and non smoking section was separated very far with an empty yard as the separator. They also have patio in the upper floor where 3 zones (smoking, non smoking and patio) came with 3 different kinds of design. It was lovely. They had this big electric candle put inside some sort of bird cage as substitute for actual lighting at the non smoking section. While the smoking section was as beautiful as the non smoking one, designed to look like terrace with this bright yellow and orange color dominated. The patio itself was smaller as it only occupied about a quarter of upper floor, designed more in a modern wooden way. Very nice.

Smoking section
Non smoking section
The empty yard as separator between smoking and non smoking zone

90 Gourmet was a combination of two restaurants, Azuma which served Japanese and Orange Blossom who served International selections from pasta, light meal and desserts. The patio itself have their own personal menu too, western food. However, there were no benchmark of where we must sit as all the menu from each restaurants will be shown to us. 

After wandering around admiring the nicely done concept, we began to order. Well, I was the one who wandering around, my husband couldn't care less :). These what we order from Azuma's menu, Horenzo salad (36k), Spicy salmon gunkan (24k), Crispy salmon maki (28k), Spicy salmon head fried (45k), and Unagi donburi (110k). We chose Caramello banana (24k), caramelized banana crepes topped with ice cream and chocolate from Orange Blossom as our dessert.

To us the sushi and donburi were so so and overpriced, but we loveeee the Caramello banana. It was delicious! The banana was sweet and soft dipped in caramel sauce and the crunchy crepes makes it a perfect dessert. I will definitely be back to try Orange Blossom and the patio's menu. Very recommended! 

90 Gourmet
Jl. R.E Martadinata 90
Ph. +622 4203295
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm

Guidance: From Herritage FO in your left, just go straight passing through KFC in your right. Pass the red light, not far you will find 90 Gourmet on your right side. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hummingbird Eatery

I have been curious about this place since I saw their web quite some time ago, so last weekend when hubby and I went to Bandung, I was very excited. It was an impromptu trip, we headed Bandung around 6pm and reached there almost 9pm and went straight to hotel. After checked in, I called Hummingbird to make sure whether they still open, luckily their last order was at 11.30pm. Another luck was our hotel, Novotel located not too far from Progo street where Hummingbird was. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bumbu Moyang

On one particular night, me & my family went for a dinner at Bumbu Moyang. I have noticed this place a while ago as it was located alone away from the busy dining street at Pantai Indah Kapuk. It replaced other previous dining which I couldn't remember what it was. Stepping inside the restaurant, the interior was loveable. It was vintage. I love it. The place was filled with vintage things and lots of flowers. 

We sat down and began to order. We chose Ayam Taliwang (67,5k), Gurame tempur (62,5k), Cumi cabai hijau (35k), Oseng-oseng genjer cah ebi (15k), Tahu baduy (20k), nasi bakar (20k) and Sayur asem (15k). The orders didn't take long to be served however the portion was small. I like the nasi bakar, it was very savory. The squid and chicken was also quite nice, but the fish was a turn down, the sweet and sour sauce was so sticky that it almost feel like glue. 

Overall, I fancy how the place designed, nice atmosphere but I do think the food was overpriced. 

Bumbu Moyang
Jl. Marina Raya
Rukan Exclusive Blok C No. 2 & 3
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 56946301

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beatrice Quarters

One Saturday after lunch at Sushi Tei, my friend and I went to Beatrice Quarters located at Pantai Indah Kapuk. The interior was so cute with all the flower curtains and cute lamps. We sat outside as the waiter said that inside had been reserved.

As we were still full from our sushi lunch, we only ordered the dessert. I saw they have quite selections on the honey toast, so we went with that and chose Tiramisu princess (55k), tiramisu toasted bread w/ espresso sauce and coffee dust. For the beverage, we both chose Honey Lemonade (28k). The lemonade came and it was good, the sourness was refreshing. Meanwhile, the toast bread took forever to be served, I think it was around 30 minutes only for a dessert to be served. Haiizzz... 
Luckily it was a good one, so the waiting time was paid off. However, looking at the size of the bread which was quite large, I think they should at least put 2 scopes of Ice cream. One scope just not enough. Other than that, it was a good dessert. 

Beatrice Quarters
Jl. Marina Ruko Crown block B 26
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ph. +628 1322157245

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Finally! After the so many times of wanting to have a meal here, several days ago I finally able to have a lunch there with my two close friends. Ever since its opening, Union had been crowded daily with customers. The place was always in a long waiting list couple times I went there, so few days ago me and my friends have a movie date in Plaza Senayan, and I was very excited as it was Monday noon and I figured that normally weekday will not be as crowded as on weekend. I was wrong. I think in Union there were no difference on weekdays nor weekend as even it was a quiet view on the mall, but stepping inside Union was a different view. The place was jam packed with people. Luckily before we went it to see "The Vow" (nice movie, must watch), we went to Union first to make a reservation for lunch after our movie, so we were safely seated without having to wait. 

The first thing popped in my mind when I stepped in was "Niceee". Yes, it was crowded, full of noise and we sadly got seated at smoking section, but I like the dining concept. It was very American type, intimate concept with pastry area welcoming us as we enter the entrance, and our eyes were spoiled with all these beautiful tempting cake. Bar area was at the left side in smoking section. 

As we seated, we quickly order as the waiter had informed us in advance that we got only 2 hours due to the long list. Not something I particular fond of to be cautious on timing while enjoying my meal, but if that what it took to experience Union, then an exception were made. I have made up my mind that either full or not, a slice of Red Velvet cake (50k) had to be the one ended my lunch there, so I ordered that to share along with 
Bratwurst sausage w/ mashed potatoes (75k). While my friends chose Crispy skin salmon with mashed potatoes, orange & ginger soy (125k) and Crispy duck leg with green chilli and aromatic rice (90k). 

The meals came and we shared each of our food. Overall, I think all the dishes were just ok. The one that exceed my expectation was the red velvet cake. I have heard so many good things about Union's red velvet, but as someone who was not really into cakes, I was blown away by its taste. It was very moist with surprisingly non smelly cheese and I liked the crunchy peanuts. 
Plaza Senayan Ground Flr (inside Sogo)
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 57905861

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

XO Suki - Kuningan City

One of my closest friend is an interior designer. An excellent one, I may say. Her latest project was the newest XO Suki branch at Kuningan City which led us to have a lunch there in one particular afternoon. Kuningan City was a brand new mall located next to Mall Ambassador.

The design at XO Suki Kuningan was very much different with the one at Emporium. My friend said that the owner had specifically requested the design to be classy & elegant, and that was the exact impression I got entering the place.With the chandelier, the dark wood and great chose of wallpaper, the concept was smartly done. So proud with my friend's work! 

As for the food, XO Suki had always been my favorite Chinese suki. Their Tom Yum broth was amazing! 

XO Suki 
Mall Kuningan City 3rd flr
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18
Ph. +6221 57905555


One of the things I enjoy to do at the moment is buying food voucher from Disdus.com. I found some of their promo really was beneficial in saving some bucks along with trying new dining place. I went to Aperitivo on the last day when my voucher was about to be expired. It was a long journey as I slept late the earlier night so I was sleepy which led to me being not in the very best mood. I was about to let the voucher forfeited, but between the curiosity of the place and the money I have paid for the voucher, I dragged my bestie to have lunch there.

It was located at the lobby of Telkomsel building, Kuningan. Luckily the traffic was smooth that day. The place was almost empty when we reached there. There was a small section of wine cellar near the entrance along with the bar. The place was not big but I like the intimacy of it. We were seated and I handed my voucher to them. My voucher was worth IDR 177.000,- valid for 1 appetizer, 2 main courses and 2 desserts. It was a very worth to buy voucher as the price range was quite high while the menu options to be chose were vary.

The menu was in Italian & English and it was confusing, so we asked the friendly waiter to recommend us and we ended choosing Carpaccio of steamed octopus on the bed of vegetables (52k) for the appetizer. Pizza Calzone di Salumi (79k) and Barramundi fillet served with sundried tomato w/ rocket and fennel salad (119k) for our main, and Gelati e sorbetti (19k) & Dark chocolate volcano with vanilla ice cream and bourbon vanilla butterscotch (48k) for desserts. 

As always Italian restaurant's trademark, a basket of complimentary bread was served with salsa sauce. The salsa sauce was delicious. Our salad came, it was fresh but I like my salad with classic caesar dressing, so this one with balsamic dressing wasn't really suited my taste. The main course however was exquisite. I love both the calzone pizza and the barramundi fillet. The filling inside (beef salami, peppers and mozzarella) was not rich but the pizza dough was perfect, it was soft and delicious. I think about it as I typed at the moment. The barramundi fillet was perfectly cooked and wrapped in tin foil so the seasoning sauce really seep into the fish. Both were very very nice. Sadly, it was not a happy ending as the desserts weren't good. My mango sorbet was rough while the dark chocolate cake was too dry.

However, the lunch really brighten my mood that day. I'm glad I didn't let my voucher expired.

Telkomsel Buiding
Atrium Mulia GF
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav 10-11
Kuningan, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 52892304

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gang San

One of my friend had been telling me about this Korean place located in Kelapa Gading. I have been craving for Korean food lately but Gading just so far away and famous for the traffic, so I keep on waiting for the right moment to visit Gang San. One particular Friday, as my voucher for a spa located in Gading was about to expired, I found two reasons to faced the traffic at Gading; Spa & Gang San.

I was informed that Gang San located at the Boulevard across from Seafood 212. It was not hard to find, strategically located in the corner of the street. There was only couple of tables occupied during our lunch there. Good, hopefully faster service. As I opened the menu, the prices were definitely higher than some Korean place I went like Chung Gi Wa or Han Gang, even the Jap Chae cost 130k. Anyway, we ended on ordering Tokpoki (120k), Bumbu Samcan (89k) and Tofu soup (65k). Tokpoki was a popular dish in Korea, made from rice cake and was marinate with sweet sauce. I don't really like rice cake but as an occasionally Korean movie viewer, I was curious as I often saw they were eating it deliciously.

One of the thing I like from dining in Korean restaurant was the free appetizers, I always looking forward to it. I mean, something free and good, what's not to be liked? I was surprised when the waiter came with appetizers, it reminded me of eating in Padang restaurant. So many plates of appetizers served, 19 of them. I asked the waiter was it always so many appetizers, and she explained to me that the qty of appetizers served depends on the qty of main course selected. Maximum appetizers are 23 types, we got 19 at that time. 

Free appetizers

Bumbu Samcan

Tofu Soup

What so great about Gang San was not only the ocha was refillable, the appetizers too! You can ask for refills as many times as you like. Anyway, main course time. The Tokpoki came in huge portion. I took a bite and wasn't able to bring my self to chew for second bite. The taste was just too weird for me, I feel like eating a rubber band. I guess I'm not Korean enough as in the movie they seem to enjoyed it much. ;) The tofu soup was standard, and the meat was grilled too much so it was too dry. Overall, I think their appetizers were nicer than the main courses.

I got into a brief conversation with the waiter and she told me that Gang San just opened 2 years ago and owned by a real Korean but the chef was Javanese.

Gang San
Jl. Boulevard Raya Block PA No.1
Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 45858033