Thursday, July 28, 2011


As we had Chinese for breakfast and western for brunch, we decided to go for Indonesian for our lunch, Sundanese to be exact. The two Sundanese restaurants I ever tried in Bandung, Bumbu Desa (at that time, they have not open at Jakarta) and Sari Sunda were both satisfying. I was hoping this recently opened Sundanese restaurant named d'palm would be satisfying too. 

Unlike mostly Sundanese restaurant, this one was designed modern. The place was quite big with indoor and outdoor spot. I loved how they decorated the outdoor. It was designed like garden with fish pond and eight Saung (gazebo). The saung was also designed with modern touch. Too bad all the saungs were full, so we sat inside and start to order. 

We ordered Gurame goreng kipas (60.5k), Ati ampela goreng (9k), Ayam bakar (16k), Jambal roti goreng (7k), Pete bakar (10.5k), Sop buntut asam pedas (39k), Lidah goreng (16.5k), Babat goreng (14.5) and Es kelapa (15.5k). Overall, it was a pleasant lunch. Bandung was really a place to eat Sundanese food. =) 

Jl. Lombok No. 45
(From FO Heritage Riau, go straight, in the right there's KFC, turn right)
Ph. +6222 4261623

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