Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Misu Classic Tiramisu

I gotta be honest. I was or maybe still am a twitter virgin. People raving on how they can't stop tweeting and how they got so much more information from it, while I didn't even really familiar with it. I have been signing up on twitter since 2009, yet just several months ago that I finally took time to get to know this cute blue bird.

I'm glad I did as from twitter also, I got to know this delicious Tiramisu. People who kind enough to read my babbling on my post would know that I don't really like anything sweet, but all the tweets mentioning how good this tiramisu was had intrigued my taste buds. So, few weeks ago, I made an order online and got my self 4 cups of classic tiramisu and 2 matcha tiramisu (14k per cup, 75k per 1/2 dozen). The order process was very simple, just text or direct message them on twitter. With 6 cups as minimum order, they can deliver right to our home by courier. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hong Tang (Sweet Poetry)

Anyone into Ice Kachang? 

Actually they not only serve ice kachang, Sweet Poetry is more about Chinese traditional desserts. They used to have Hong Kong's fruit desserts such as the famous Mango Sago, but nowadays they're back to having only traditional Chinese dessert, Tong Shui (soup base). 

Besides traditional Tong Shui like almond soup, black sesame soup, they also have types of soup base from green beans, grass jelly and Q ball (salak seeds). It was a bit confusing for a first timer like me as the menu comes with many selections, and the waiter was not really mastering the menu, if I may say. When I asked for recommendation, all he did was repeating what had been stated in it. At the end, out of confusion, we randomly picked red bean + peanuts + pearl in green beans soup base (18k) and yam + barley + mochi in grass jelly soup base (18k).

Monday, May 28, 2012

(Relocated) The Goods Cafe

About a week ago, on the same day we went to Santouka, my bestie and I went to The Goods Cafe right after we finished our lunch there. In my defense, it was a very short lunch since the place was crowded and bunch of people were lining up outside, so we didn't have time to talk. And since it's been a while from our last meeting, we have a lot to catch up so that's the main reason we ended at The Goods. Wow, quite long explanation just to be not called as piggy eater. LOL.

At first, we thought we will just share a slice of rainbow cake, but it was sold out and somehow we ended with three kinds of order. Portobella fries (35k), Everything bagels (10k) and Chocolate bread pudding (forgot how much). What can I say... everything on the menu just seem so good. So, portobella fries turns out to be not fries, but mushroom. It was not as good as expected because the skin was not crunchy, it was flabby and oily. The mayo which came with it was good though. The everything bagel was decent, it called everything because it had almost everything from cheese to black sesame. Highlight of the day was the absolute delicious chocolate bread pudding, served warm with cold vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries, it was to die for. The sweetness was fairly so it didn't leave any guilty feeling, I supposed.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Personal sharing: Journey

So, couple days ago my baby Lemon was participating in fashion bazaar held in my old campus. Of all the bazaars Lemon ever participated in, this was probably the one I most excited about. The thought of going back to a place with so many memories was sunk in my heart deeply and I hardly can't wait. You know sometimes, time flies so fast that it feels so good to bring back the old memories... Just to appreciate everything much more. And that's exactly what I did.

During three days of the bazaar event, I took some time walking around the campus. It had been years since I graduated, yet I feel the campus looks exactly the same when I say bye to it 7 years ago. Nothing much change though, college kids still hang out in the place my friends and I used to hang, favorite street hawkers were still there on the same spot, everything seems to be no different.

It might sound silly, but I really did enjoy my three days there. Driving through the street I used to cross every morning during college time, passing through the hang out spot, buying snacks from the same mini vendors, I even didn't pack my self a home made meal just because I wanted to eat the foods I used to eat there.

It's funny how life turns out. The fact that I studied accounting yet I suck at it and never interested in anything to do with numbers. And yes, sometimes I do think that if I can go back and change the past, I would prefer to take English literature as my subject in college. But to think again, to see and to actually live what life brought me today, nay.. I don't want to change a thing. I'm not saying that my life is perfect now, but it could be worse.

Those three days bazaar gave impact more than Lemon's income, personally it taught me a lesson I needed at the moment. Lately, I feel like I have been ungrateful and feeling down of things that I feel I haven't accomplished yet. Going back to my old campus had given me some sort of flashing back of how I used to be and how much I have accomplished since then.

I can't bring back the past. All I can do is moving on and make memories of hopefully a better future, so few years from now, I can look back and be thankful on how much I have accomplished then.

~It's never too late to be what you might have been~ George Elliot

Thursday, May 24, 2012

CALAiS Artisan Bubble Tea & Coffee

Last Sunday, I went to Kuningan City with my mom. Most of the tenants were still under renovated so there was nothing much to do there. I remember someone told me there was a bubble tea joint here, so I looked around and found CALAiS in the lower ground, across to Killiney KopiTiam. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Japanese Ramen: Which bowl is your favorite?

Is it only me or various Japanese ramen seem to keep on coming and coming and coming?

Once upon a time, there were only Sanpachi and Ajisen when it comes to Japanese ramen. Lately, it has not been a slim pickin' when I want to indulge my self with a bowl of Japanese ramen. Japanese is one of my favorite type of cuisine, but I used to be more into sushi kind of gal rather than ramen, now I am torn...

Honestly, my fond of ramen was just started on the first day I met with Ikkousha. I fell in love with their delicious soup and since then, I am always excited on trying new ramen places or even the longer existing one which I never really bother to try before.

So, shall we? 

Strong points: Amazing most tasty full of flavor broth among others, delicious buta chasiu thick, Ocha is refillable, good service.

Price range: Ramen starts from 38k.

Recommendation: Ramen babi tam tam is a delicious pick.

Available at: Muara Karang and Kelapa Gading.

Read complete review here.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kyushu Men

So, like it's not too many yet, another new ramen hitting Jakarta again. Couple days ago, hubby and I went for a dinner there. Located in a much humbler place at Mangga Besar area, They were recently opened on March. 

Kyushu Men carries Kumamoto soup style which is Tonkotsu (pork) soup base style, although chicken soup base is also available. According to the owner/ chef who is a Japanese, Kumamoto's style was similar with Hakata's style, a slight difference was only Kumamoto soup base was milder and often seasoned with fried garlic oil to added the aroma.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lemon's Fashion Bazaar @ Untar II

Back then when I was studying at University of Tarumanagara, from time to time they like to do an event which they would need fund sponsors, and normally they would be having it from tenants participating on a bazaar held inside the campus. 

I was one of the so many who was always excited waiting for the bazaar as the tenants were mostly sells clothes. So during off class, me and my friends will wandered around the bazaar, either to buy something from them or just doing some window shopping to kill the time. 

It never occurred to me that one day I will be one of those tenants participating in an event at my old campus. I guess, I will be saying hello to some good old memories when I step inside the building again also be visiting one of my favorite warteg (read: street hawkers) just behind the campus. Who said we can't mixed fun with business? ;) 
Anyway, happy to share that Lemon will be participating in a fashion bazaar with details in the picture. Please do spend some time to visit us! It will mean a lot. :) 

Meanwhile, so many things to do... so little time. Signing off, see you!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Santouka Hokkaido Ramen

Since the day I had my first bowl of Santouka's ramen in Spore, I have been waiting impatiently for it to be opened at Plaza Indonesia. To be honest, it might sound silly but my impatience waiting was driven more on my curiosity on how much the ramen will cost here. I paid $20 (around 140k in Rupiah) for a bowl of Tokusen toroniku ramen. I don't know about you guys, but paying 140k for a bowl of ramen was unpleasant for me. As I like the ramen quite much, I was hoping that the 140k was only due to the high exchange rate. 

Anyway, this afternoon I went there with my bestie. Bless her for always in the mood to accompany me during my silly food hunting. :) As today is the first opening day, we drove there early to avoid the queue. Stupid traffic get in the way though, calling it self highway, more like jammed way to me. So instead of arriving at 11am as planned, we reached there at almost 12. Queuing line was there already, but luckily not too long. In shorts, we were seated. The place was small and tables were limited, most of the space was taken for the kitchen. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

[CLOSED] Sam & Jolly: Food adFUNture by Sour Sally

Say hello to Sam & Jolly, a new food adFUNture by Sour Sally. Recently opened on May 9th, declaring themselves as the first one introducing the first low fat yogurt ice cream on a stick, Yo-Stick as they called. 

Located beside Little things she needs, it got me fooled to think that it was only a small joint meant for take away only, while actually the place was quite big with entrance located outside Tribeca. Both indoor and outdoor was designed with fun, cheerful and colorful concept. Flying balloon, statue of liberty and bus stop with white, grey and green color on the sitting place was seen in the outdoor, while the indoor one was cuter with all the Sam & Jolly along with Sour Sally (SS) mascot drew on the walls, and the famous London's red telephone box placed in the center of room. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ramen Play by BreadTalk @RWS Singapore

After having our fun at USS, we were walking around RWS and spotted this ramen place. Somewhere between the appealing picture of their Tonkotsu ramen in front of the store and the tickle feeling in our tummy, we went in hoping for a good lunch. 

Fat Bird @Liang Seah St, Bugis Singapore

One time during my visit to Spore, a friend of mine took us to steamboat dinner somewhere near Liang Seah st, however I might didn't pay much attention at that time as only until previous last visit that I went to Liang Seah st again and noticed that the street was mushrooming with diners, mostly hot pot, steamboat and desserts. 

So after our two satisfying desserts, we wanted something more fulfilling so we walked down the road and encounter this dining which was packed with customers. Looking through their menu, they were selling chicken hotpot dish. Can't decide on something else to eat, we decided to give it a shot. So we went in, sat down and took another look at the menu and found they also served pork ribs. Their specialty was Chong Qing chicken hot pot, however not in the mood for chicken that day, we chose Spicy and fragrant pork rib pot ($22) where we can choose the spiciness level. We added Xiao bai cai (read: cabbage) to stir it with the ribs.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ji De Chi Desserts @Liang Seah, Bugis Singapore

A love and hate relationship between me and Durian. Lovin' the taste, not so much on the smell. 

It was my luck that day when I spotted this scrumptious Durian dessert, voted best food awards 2011/ 2012 by Green book. After Ah Chew Desserts, hubby and I walked along Liang Seah street looking for dinner, instead a picture of this tempting Durian in the window of a dessert place caught our eyes and immediately we decided to give it a try.

We ordered a bowl of Durian with pomelo sago ($6) to share and it was one of the most delicious dessert I ever tasted. It was pure durian, no ice cream nor any mousse cream involved. You see the scoop in the center? It was not ice cream, it was durian too. Seriously, it was like the best thing melted in mouth. The durian was thick and condense, with a hint of bitter to balance the sweetness.

Ah Chew Desserts @Liang Seah St, Bugis

We were wandering around Bugis area and spotted this crowded desserts place which has two branches separated within only a door away. I am not a dessert person when it comes to cakes and Ice cream, but the kinds of desserts covering fruits and beverages, me likey. 

The waiter told us that we need to look for a table first, memorize the table number and decide the order from the menu sheet plastered under the glass of each table, queue up at the counter for ordering, pay up, take a seat and your order will be delivered to your table. They offer varieties of desserts. We chose Aloe Vera with lime and honey ($3.2) and Grass jelly with mango ($3.2).

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Santouka Hokkaido Ramen @Cuppage Terrace, Singapore

Since Santouka had not open in Indonesia yet (will open on May 16th), I had put it an agenda to must try the ramen that was claimed by most Spore food bloggers as the best ramen in town. Santouka was established on 1999 at Hokkaido, Japan and throughout the years had expand to major branches in big cities in Japan including Osaka and Tokyo, also spread their wings overseas from USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia.

After indulging myself with Plum lime juice from Each a Cup and wandering around Orchard, we headed to Cuppage terrace for the famous ramen. Cuppage terrace is an open air place with several diners gathered, each of them have indoor and outdoor spot. It was just passing lunch time, so we were lucky that we came in the same time when some customers were leaving. The inside was pretty small, only few tables with dark ambiance.

Song Fa Bahkut Teh Singapore

One of my friend who lives in Spore saw my previous post on Founder Bah Kut Teh and told me that I should check out her favorite which is Song Fa Bahkut Teh. So, there we were on Sunday morning taking the MRT, walked few meters in hot sunny day to have our breakfast.

Songfa is not located in somewhere near famous spot so it took some time to find it. Luckily we bumped in someone who knew the place and directed us the way. Song Fa have two branches, each of them located nearly and both were packed with customers. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice @Balestier Rd

Don't you just love a short trip? I do! 

Welcoming the month by posting some foods from my short trip a while ago. As someone who once worked in a Singaporean company, the country might be the one I visited the most, business or leisure wise. But not once I got bored with it. To me, a trip to Spore is always worth waiting for. Full of eat, eat and eat!

Start with this one.

Often being voted as the best chicken rice in Spore, Bon Tong Kee definitely one of the famous chicken rice in town. However, had been hearing rumors that after the major expansion to six branches, the quality of their food are questionable.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Welcoming May with Lemon's CLOSET 9!

These past couple months, I have been swamped. Everyday seems and feels like a routine and honestly not a very enjoyable one. In result, Lemon is neglected, some of house works also and my self as well. 

Luckily after some serious discussion and sorting few problems aside, I am able to get a grip and took some days off to focus on my personal things. 

So in welcoming May, please do also welcome Lemon's newest collections, launch tomorrow Monday, May 7th only at Here's some sneak peek!

Closet 9 will be launched at 6pm tomorrow. Hmm... tempted to pamper my self with some treatments and pedicure session in the morning before busy with launching's prep.

Oh yes, am participating in fashion bazaar for Lemon in couple weeks ahead. Stay tune for details! 

Meanwhile, excited and tiring mama Lemon signing out. Ciao!