Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ivy's Thoughts: Being Positive Is A Good Thing

It was several morning ago when I was on my way to meet my Mom and I wanted to buy some breakfast first, so I drove to Muara Karang. I was not really feeling well those couple days from the cold and fever, but I was strong enough to drive alone. I hate passing by Muara Karang main street during morning time as it can be a total bitch due to all those cars parked for the traditional market. 

I admit, it's not a good example but I am one of those texting while driving kind of gal, but I didn't even touch my phone that day and somehow I bumped into that car. I don't know how on earth that I didn't see it. 

I'm a religious and I pray every single day (though yes, I'm a human and sometimes I do forget), but that morning I did not forget. I could do all the blaming on how prayers are useless as it didn't save me from having an accident and all, but instead I looked it from a positive side. I was blessed. I was fortunate that it was only a minor accident, I was fortunate that I wasn't hurt and I was fortunate that the owner of the car that I crashed into wasn't an asshole who got mad like some crazy people, instead he was kind and easy to talk to. 

And bless Hubs for having such kind heart that from the moment I rang him the news, all he did was making sure I'm okay and told me to not panic nor worry, that he would handle everything. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not a positive person. I tend to look everything from the negative side, but that day I chose to look from the bright side. I regretted that I was not being careful but things could be worse so I'm glad I was blessed. 

Though you know what, the car I ran into was Range Rover and I simply can't help to think, of all cars, why on earth did I have to crash into a Range Rover?! Europe cars are not cheap to fix! *aching* 

Moral of the sharing:
1. Always always 100% focus while driving.
2. Don't ever forget to pray.
3. Be kind. If someone accidentally hit your car, be considerate, it's not like they do it on purpose.
4. Try to (although sometimes uneasy) see things from positive side, it's healthier. :)

Until next thoughts, thank you for reading!