Wednesday, December 31, 2014

BINTANG RADLER: Finally the first beer I like!

Bintang is my Dad's favorite beer. I remember Dad used to ask me "Would you be a dear and grab your old man a Bintang?".

I had beer before but honestly the strong taste never really suits me. However, growing up in a house with a fridge stuffed with Bintang beers has always make me curious of having one I really like, just like my Dad's love over Bintang's beer.

When Bintang comes with their newest creation, Bintang Radler, I was super psyched. I know this unique twist of beer and natural juice lemon with only 2% alcohol content will suit my taste bud, and it does!     

When I first tried Bintang Radler, I immediately find myself loving the unique twist. It was light and sweet with a hint of acidity from the lemon. I personally think Bintang is making a smart innovation with this Bintang Radler as it was light and refreshing, not too heavy that it's suitable for any occasion. I could easily see myself having this over lunch or dinner. 

Thank you Bintang Radler for this new twist! Now I can finally have my beer moment with my Dad while saying this back to him, "Hey Dad, would you be a dear and grab me a Bintang?". =) Cheers! 



Nyoron! said...

I've tasted it too! and instantly in love with the mix.
a clever and effortless fresh beer to accompany our day after tiring whole life, rite?

IcyFire said...

May i know where i can buy both the normal and the radler bintang beer?

Silluete Vendolius said...

you should try radler from paulaner in kempiski grand indonesia, far better than bintang one