Saturday, September 20, 2014

MOJO Kitchen & Bar Senopati

"Eating is a part of life, you should get the best". I feel the quote written in MOJO's menu book is absolutely well said. I have been wanting to go to MOJO since they opened, but during their soft opening days, they only open starts 6pm and it went on for several months. For some reasons, it's harder for me to arrange a visit to a place at Senopati in that kind of time range. By the time they start the operational hours from afternoon, I have quite frankly forgotten them due to so many other new restaurants. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

HokBen's #HotNFresh SAKANA KATSU

Established since 1985, Hoka Hoka Bento or popularly known for their shorts, HokBen, is one of my comfort fast food. I remember spending most of my lunch times at HokBen during my college years, not only because it's pocket friendly, but I happen to love their food. I have tried every single menus at HokBen, no kidding.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Naka Nakaya STC Jakarta

Still in my search to find the best Gyutan in town, we stumbled on Naka Nakaya at Senayan Trade Centre. Naka Nakaya is a Japanese restaurant under the same management as Sumiya, also a Japanese eatery at the same building. My visit to Naka Nakaya also was my first visit to STC. Though the building stands next to one of my most frequent mall to go to, I don't see any particular reason for me to visit them, until that several weeks ago.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


It always funny how a restaurant seems to be less stand out from other more happening ones, especially when they seriously offer a great food. In this case, Umabo is the perfect example. My friends and I have the similar feelings towards the place when it was just opened on beginning of this year. It was a new place which we normally would be excited to try, but we just don't, until last month, 7 months after their opening and we finally decided to give it a shot.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Brewerkz Jakarta

It's always feels good to visit a new restaurant in town, especially if it comes with great food and nice ambiance. At Brewerkz,you can easily get both. Brewerkz is a Singapore's award winning microbrewery restaurant founded in 1997. After having 4 outlets at Singapore, they branched out and picked Indonesia (Jakarta to be exact) as the first country for their International market expand. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another Lately...

Finally had my laptop back from the repairing store after it got broken a while ago. Having to blog the several last posts from a phone has not been easy. It's late, between can't sleep and missing typing fingers on my laptop, I came to write this post as I don't have the mood to further write on food post at the moment.

It's an old topic inspired by one of the fashion blogger, Diana Rikasari, which I once posted two years ago. Anyway lately...
  • Been thinking a lot on what plan God have for me in the future
  • Stressing over house renovation
  • Miss traveling (always!) 
  • On a low carb diet
  • Lovin' almost every songs from The Script
  • Having too much thoughts on my mind it drives me crazy
  • Been more into reading than writing
  • Always having kiwi for breakfast
  • Getting sick of the routine 
  • Blaming society but realizing we are society
  • Wish hubs would have more free time 
  • Wishing hard for time to not fly so fast, so not ready for 2015 yet



Mokka Coffee Cabana Pluit Village

If you are one of the Northerners, PIK - Pluit - Muara Karang to be exact, you would know that Muara Karang street has been crazy for the past few months due to a bridge construction which no one knows how long it would take to be done. It's so frustrating! The traffic and the headache cause I need to think of an alternate route everytime I want to pass the area, it's like every week there's a new route being shut temporary without proper notice in advance. But at least, on the bright side... The whole re-route thing gotten me to know this newest coffee shop in town. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bourbon Coffee & Eatery

For a lazy woman who hates traffic way too much, it normally took a great amount of good reasons to get my lazy ass drive all the way to Tangerang. I just never feel the area has any interesting place to go except on how they often held a food festival from time to time. However on that day, I only have one good reason, Bourbon. The coffee & eatery which is under the same owner of Bong Kopitown has been on my list since I saw all their F&B pictures on instagram.  

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tori Ya by Kinokawa SCBD Jakarta

Kinokawa lovers shall be happy for two things; First, Kinokawa finally opens second outlet at SCBD area, side by side with Tori-Ya, a new Japanese eatery proudly brought by the same management which, yes, is the second happy news for Kinokawa-ers. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Ivy's travel: Korea Trip part 6

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Day 7 (Ripley's, Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls, Love Land, Hwaro Hyang, Junggang Underground Shopping, Dongmun Wet Market) 

Jeju is just beautiful. The scenery is amazing. We fell in love with the view and the serenity. I won't post much pictures of Jeju's view in this post as I have did in the previous one. If you do go to Korea, Jeju is really worth the visit. Another great thing of staying at Lotte hotel & resort is the location. It close to almost all main attractions in Jungmun; Teddy bear museum, Ripley's, Alive museum, Cheojeyeon falls. All in walking distance.  

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ivy's Travel: Korea Trip part 5

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Day 6 (Fly to Jeju Island, Lotte Jeju Hotel)

We took Air Busan to Jeju Island. The flight took around 50 minutes.I couldn't remember the flight fare, but it was not expensive as we took the budget airlines. Aside from Air Busan, one of the most frequent airlines people took to Jeju is the Jeju Air. The reason we took Air Busan is only because at that moment, Air Busan's flight schedule suited us more. We took Jeju Air for our flight back to Seoul and practically both airlines were the same.