Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another Lately...

Finally had my laptop back from the repairing store after it got broken a while ago. Having to blog the several last posts from a phone has not been easy. It's late, between can't sleep and missing typing fingers on my laptop, I came to write this post as I don't have the mood to further write on food post at the moment.

It's an old topic inspired by one of the fashion blogger, Diana Rikasari, which I once posted two years ago. Anyway lately...
  • Been thinking a lot on what plan God have for me in the future
  • Stressing over house renovation
  • Miss traveling (always!) 
  • On a low carb diet
  • Lovin' almost every songs from The Script
  • Having too much thoughts on my mind it drives me crazy
  • Been more into reading than writing
  • Always having kiwi for breakfast
  • Getting sick of the routine 
  • Blaming society but realizing we are society
  • Wish hubs would have more free time 
  • Wishing hard for time to not fly so fast, so not ready for 2015 yet



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