Saturday, September 20, 2014

MOJO Kitchen & Bar Senopati

"Eating is a part of life, you should get the best". I feel the quote written in MOJO's menu book is absolutely well said. I have been wanting to go to MOJO since they opened, but during their soft opening days, they only open starts 6pm and it went on for several months. For some reasons, it's harder for me to arrange a visit to a place at Senopati in that kind of time range. By the time they start the operational hours from afternoon, I have quite frankly forgotten them due to so many other new restaurants. 

It was a couple days after our trip back from Taiwan and we are so sick of Chinese food. So sick that we swore we won't eat any Chinese food for at least a month. So it's either Japanese or Western as we had our shares of Indonesian food at Garuda straight from the airport on our arrival date a day before. =D
We were strolling around South and I suddenly remember MOJO and how all my fellow foodie friends always speak good words towards the place. I figured it's the right time for that first visit.

Mojo appears like a semi green house with its glass ceilings. Love the natural bright light, always a plus. I like the sense of earthiness from the natural wooden furniture and the glass ceilings, but also how the place gets a bit quirkier as we stepped further inside. That liquor bottles hanging down at the bar, that bright colorful murals and that huge written quote at one of the side walls.

MOJO offers Californian inspired food with mostly Mexican Asian in the menu. On the table we have their Classic tacos with choice of beef tongue (55k). Inside the soft taco is picco de gallo, guacamole, jalapeno relish, chipotle aioli with a very tender beef tongue. A good starter, we loved all the fresh ingredients.

MOJO's most popular food is their burrito bowl. Too bad they are running out of pork belly since I really wanted to try their pork belly burrito. I went with the Chicken burrito (69k) instead. After tasting it, I can see how their burrito bowl is so famous, it's like party in a bowl, full of flavors with soft fluffy rice. The egg was well cooked with runny egg yolk on the center, the corns were buttery and the chicken was seasoned well and tender. It was a good burrito bowl.

The burrito was great but our favorite of the day went to the Mojo fish & chips (90k). It is the one fish & chips which I could easily say taste as good as the one at Fish & Co's. It's a big compliment as anyone knows how good their fish & chips. As for the MOJO's, we simply adore how great it was cooked. It was perfectly battered. Super crisp that we can heard the crackling sound as we chewed. Even the Fish & Co's doesn't do as well as theirs in terms of crispness. The chips were good, seasoned well and crunchy. The dish easily earns a good hard 9!

Hubs is sitting behind me at the moment I'm writing this, he peeked at my post and instantly told me that he would want to go back to MOJO like real soon. It's the first time Hubs wanted a second visit to a restaurant in Senopati. All this time, not once I ever heard him asking me to go for another visit to the restaurants in the area. We've been MOJOed! So, peeps... If you are a MOJO virgin, it's time for you to lose the virginity. ;)

MOJO Kitchen & Bar
Jl. Kertanegara No. 70
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru 
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 70070529
Opening hours: 11am - 12midnight (until 1am on weekend) 
Instagram: @eat_mojo
Price range: 35k - 135k 

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