Friday, August 26, 2011


This place had been one of my favorite place for dessert. I am not a fan of something sweet but I like churros. The crunchiness paired with caramel sauce for the dipping. They have 4 kinds of dipped sauce. Caramel, dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate. My favorite is the caramel one. Milk one was also nice, dark one was too bitter, and as for the white one, I never try it as it sounded too white and dairy.

Last Tuesday, we have a heavy breakfast and as we will be dining at Smokey Ribs in the evening, we decided to took something light for our lunch, so we headed to Churreria for their churros. The 3 of us ordered Churros fiesta (65k) to share. Churros fiesta came in 12 pcs and 4 dipping sauce, while you can choose whether you want cinnamon or sugar icing as the topping. We ordered Ice black currant tea (25k) and their Ice lemon tea (25k) was enough to be shared into 2 small glasses.

I have the most craving of the month for apple crumble pie. I never tasted the one in Churreria but since I saw MasterChef, I had been wanting to try one. Too bad the waiter told us that their pastry and cake selections had been removed from the menu. I guess I have to endure my craving for a while. Anyone who knows a good place to eat apple crumble pie, your comments will be greatly appreciated. ;)

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, West mall level 3A
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1 
Ph. +6221 23581805
Other outlets: Central Park, Summarecon Mall Serpong 2

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smokey Ribs

Last night, me and my colleagues went for dinner after our office hours ended. We wanted to try this new ribs place that just opened at Pantai Indah Kapuk named Smokey Ribs. When we reached there, it was almost 8 pm and the place was full house. We put our names in the waiting list and waiting to be called.

Smokey Ribs occupied 2 ruko and has an outdoor and indoor space. The ambiance was quite homey, they used yellow lights. I think this was the first time that I really forgot to take pictures on what the place look like. I did my best to recall on how the place was designed but nothing seems to be captured on my mind... All I remember the place has these wooden thing going on, from the color of the wall and the tables. I guess I was too busy chatting with my colleagues that I really didn't pay too much attention on the interior. Luckily I didn't forget to took pictures on the menu we ordered. 

The place was famous for the ribs. We saw they have quite selections of ribs but 4 of my colleagues aimed for the same one, their chef's recommendation... Smokey baby back - 4 bones (105k). It came in 2 sizes, small with 4 bones and large with 8 bones. It was good, the ribs were cooked tender, came with coleslaw and choice of fries or mashed potatoes.

While I chose to have Sirloin US - 200gr (110k) as my dinner that night. I was quite disappointed on the meat as it was too dry and hard to chewed, while the steamed veggies was not soft enough.

As for the appetizers, we chose Smokey's calamari (33k), Fried mushroom (25k) and baked potato skin (38k). To us, the appetizers were completely different from the ribs. Both presentation and taste was unpleasant. The calamari was still ok, but the mushroom and the potato skin weren't acceptable. The mushroom came in flattened and tasteless also watery when we chewed it. The potato skin was covered in cheddar cheese with smoke beef topping, accompanied with sour cream which to me was tasteless.

I think this place can be a good options for people who  crave for ribs. Definitely cheaper than the one at Tony Roma's and the taste was nice. I will be coming back to try on other main course and maybe skip the appetizers.

Smokey Ribs
Ruko crown golf mediterania blok B No. 10-11
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 70710955

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You'll be ok

"Everything's going to be ok. Even if it's not, you'll be ok". 

"You'll be ok". 

The 2 sentences above coming from two persons that I very much respect, my husband and my boss. It's funny how two persons can come with similar encouragement shared in similar period of moment. 

This Friday will be my last day working in the company that I have been with for the past 5,5 years. It was not a short time, strong bonding had been build and I have been having the most difficult times to accept the fact that I will be leaving soon. 

So there it was... Very much appreciated encouragement to guide me on being stronger. 

And yes... I will be ok.

Monday, August 22, 2011


When I was going to get married, my brother jokingly said that soon I will be like those married couple who prefer to stay home rather than going out. At that time, I instantly ignored what he said and even kept on telling my boyfriend that I don't want us to be that kind of couple. Now, after 9 months I often found my self sometimes being drowned to those type. 

My husband is a workaholic, he runs his business 7 days in a week so I only get to see him at night. During that time, instead of going out we prefer to lay back on our couch and watch TV and it was ok. After I experienced it my self, it's not that married couple have certain types, it's just happen that sometimes we found new situation where we felt more comfort in. 

Anyway, last Saturday was our 9 months wedding anniversary and since it fell on weekend, we decided to not being lazy at home and went for a Saturday nite dine at Lobo. Lobo was a fine Italian dining located inside Ritz Carlton. We reached there at 8pm and I have made a reservation first to make sure we will not be getting into waiting list, turns out there were no waiting list as the place was almost empty. I looked around and noticing there were only around 4 tables were occupied. The restaurant itself was large with high ceiling, dim yellow lights, carpet floor and very luxurious design. It was really a stylish and upscale restaurant, the place & the table setting were gorgeous. The ambiance was romantic with the rhythm of piano and saxophone. 

The waiters were all very polite and the way they greet and served was flawless. We were given appetizers and main course menu to choose. We went for Herb crusted snails (110k) for the appetizers, Grilled salmon (315k) and Prime US Sirloin (495k) for the main course. The Sirloin came in 2 sizes, 200 and 280 grams. My husband chose the 280gr.
While waiting, our complimentary bread were given along with 2 plates of Amous Bouche (pre-appetizer). It was a plate of chicken wrapped in fresh lettuce with a tiny glass of Citrus passion. I didn't taste any chicken inside my lettuce wrapped, while the citrus passion was quite refreshing for a pre-appetizer. 

Amous Bouche
Herb Crusted Snails
US Prime Sirloin
Grilled Salmon

After we finished our amous bouche, our appetizer was served. The snails were bread crumbed and it wasn't good at all. The snails were very tiny hiding inside the crumb and it didn't came with good flavor. When the main course was being served, I found my salmon was ok. It was cooked perfectly were the skin was crispy and the salmon was pink color and tender. The sirloin on the other hand came with great presentation but a little bit of disappointment when it comes to the taste. It was served with chips and cherry potatoes. The chips were crunchy and yummy, but the meat was too dry and not well seasoned.

After the main course, we ordered Molten chocolate cake (85k) to share. While waiting we were given complimentary 2 small glasses of Lemon sorbet. It was ok.  Our molten cake was delicious! The best molten cake I ever had so far. The cake was moist with very generous chocolate filling while the chocolate was perfect, not sweet, not bitter. It came with vanilla ice cream which was also very very yummy. 

Lemon Sorbet
Molten Chocolate Cake

I think the molten cake really brighten my night after the not so pleasant main course. In my opinion, the value paid was worth the venue and service that were given but not so much on the dishes. I wonder whether they will be ok if next time I come to only order the molten cake. 
Btw, the water was pricey. The big one 750ml was priced at 95k while the small 500ml was priced at 70k. Shocking as it was only regular water. 
However, despite of the not so pleasant sirloin, it was a pleasant fine dine for both of us.

Ritz Carlton level UG
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav. E1.1 No.1
Mega Kuningan
Ph. +6221 25518888

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lau's Kopi Tiam

Lau's Kopi Tiam just opened their newest outlet at Pluit, right beside the car wash that I always go whenever I want to have my car cleaned up. One afternoon, I went there to have my car washed and while waiting I went to Lau's to have my afternoon lunch.

The place was small with only around 10 tables divided into smoking and non smoking room. I saw they have Seafood Tom Yum fried rice (23k) on their menu, and I was wondering whether it will taste as good as my favorite Tom Yum Mama Kitchen seafood fried rice, so I ordered one along with Ice Milo (17k). 

One thing I noticed about Kopi Tiam's price range was that they charged quite cheap for the food but more expensive on the beverages, just like this one at Lau's, the milo and fried rice only had 6k difference. Anyway, my orders were served promptly. The ice milo tasted quite nice, they didn't make it too watery which is good so I can still feel the milo taste. The fried rice however was surprisingly came with barely almost no seafood at all. It came in big portion and I have to spent some seconds to find the seafood, the prawns were too small to be called prawns, it looked more like ebi (dried fermented shrimp) to me. The taste was actually not bad but it really had nothing to compare with Mama's Kitchen. 

My first experience with Lau's Kopi Tiam was at Emporium mall with their kaya toast and it was good, so maybe I just wasn't that lucky with their fried rice. 

Lau's Kopi Tiam
Jl. Pluit Utara Raya No. 70 (next to car wash)
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 66600613

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nanny's Pavillon - Barn

Yesterday, the 6 of us (my parents, my bro & future sis in law, hubby and I) went to Serpong. My mom initiated the idea as she noticed Serpong had develop very fast the past few months. I, of course welcome the idea as I have been wanting to go to Living World and Flavor Bliss. Living World is a new shopping mall opened in Alam Sutera, just across the Flavor Bliss. Too bad, we didn't have time to look around at Living World as it was too noon already and my bro had another appointment, so we decided to just dine at Flavor Bliss. 

Flavor bliss is an open air spot with many restaurants inside from Island Creamery, Radja Ketjil, Nanny's Pavillon, Stevan meat shop (opening soon at PIK), Nuzzy's and many more. The concept was more or less like Paris Van Java Bandung only this one didn't have any shopping places or department store. 

We ended up choosing Nanny's Pavillon for our late lunch. I am a fan of Nanny's restaurant design, I admire their creativity in making different concepts in each of their branches. The one in Flavor Bliss was designed in barn concept. To me personally, I don't really like it. Unlike other branches which designed with white and bright lights, this one seemed to be very different, the lighting was quite dark perhaps because the entire place were covered with dark woods to create the barn atmosphere. This was the largest branch of Nanny's, the place was big and have two storey. We sat on the second floor where they have this big window covered with only glass and since it was noon, it's just making the place even hotter. I noticed they only have 2 aircons in the 2nd floor. 

Most of my visits in Nanny's were always for their Hot Tuna Spaghetti (39k), I love the spiciness and their generous tuna flakes. My mom and my future sis in law ordered the same one, while I ordered Sean's original steak w/ gravy sauce (105k) for my dad. It was grilled Australian sirloin steak served with sweet corn, salad & selection of potatoes. I took a bite and I loved how the meat was very juicy and tender, but their mushroom sauce sucks. 
My bro and hubby chose the same one, Ted's love tenderloin w/ gravy sauce (137k). They both chose medium well, but the meats came in well done, too well done actually as they were burned. 

Hot Tuna Spaghetti
Sean's Original steak
Ted's love tenderloin

Mango cocktail (40k)

After finishing our main course, we decided not to order any pancakes due to the temperature of the room was making us sweating. Too hot to handle desserts, even a cold one. I think my favorite Nanny's branch is still the one with terrace concept at Central Park. I can't wait for their new branch in Gandaria City with sewing room concept. :) 

Nanny's Pavillon 
Flavor Bliss 2 Kav.6 unit B
Alam Sutera
Tangerang, Banten

Tom Yum Mama Kitchen

I am not a fan of ITC Mangga Dua and probably will never be. I'm not sure whether it's because of the fact it took me almost 1 hour to get there and another 30 minutes to find a parking spot, the never ending jam along the way there or the crowds that seem like they have similar hobbies which are pushing people or directly just stop at the middle when they saw something nice on the store display without noticing they were blocking people's way. Almost every time I went to ITC, I will bumped into the same scenario. I was like helllooooo???!!! Jeezz. Cannot understand the fact why ITC was always so crowded, the price of the clothes were also not that cheap, and I hate to bargain. I am the worst bargainer ever, that's why I prefer to shop online where I don't need to bargain and stress out of the buzzing crowd.

My visit to ITC can be counted. I only go there mostly for the food. Yes, I loveeee their small food fingers spread along 4th floor. While people busy looking at the stores for the cute clothes, I on the other hand busy satisfying my tummy. ;) I usually always go by my self to ITC. I went there around 10 am to make sure I get the parking spot, directly go to the food place that I always regretted whyyyyy they must open their place at ITC and not somewhere else... Eat and then go home with take away. Hahaha! 
The reason why mostly I always go by my self is because I cannot stand the fact accompanying my friends circling that 5 storey building. 

Anyway, one of my favorite food vendor at ITC that always buzzed with people is Tom Yum Mama Kitchen. I love love love their Seafood tom yum fried rice (23k). The portion was not that big but fulfilling and I love how they were always so generous on the seafood and the fact that they make it so spicy that my lips suddenly got swollen from the spiciness buy still cannot stop eating until the last spoon. Yummy for my tummy. 

Tom Yum Mama Kitchen
ITC Mangga Dua Level 2 Block B No. 15
Jl. Mangga Dua 
North Jakarta

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Last month on a Saturday night, my husband and I along with my parents went dining at Tesate. I have noticed the place quite some time but never really wanted to try. As my husband got a IDR 200,000 dining voucher at Tesate from a certain credit card, so I decided it would be the right time to try.

Tesate serves authentic Indonesian food. The place looks small and only have around 3 tables from outside, but turns out when we walked in, there was a long white alley with blue lights which ended in a sliding door to enter the restaurant. The inside was quite big and occupied with crowds. Almost all tables were full. When we entered, we saw there was an open spot to bake Kueh Serabi (rice flour cake) made for order. The place was decorated nicely, modern with no Indonesian restaurant ambiance except for the Kueh Serabi baking spot.

The menu book was made like satay fan. It was unique. The service however was slow, I think they were short of staffs. We found difficulty finding a waiter to serve us. Finally when the waiter came and I asked him what's the favorite, he couldn't really explain, just repeatedly mentioning dishes appeared in the menu book, so we just give a shot and chose what we feel like eating that night.

We chose Padangnese beef satay 6pcs (78k), Grilled US short ribs served w/ sweet potatoes cooked in rendang sauce (169k), Belacan fried rice w/ oxtail (79k) and Lontong cap gomeh (74k). My belacan fried rice came in big portion but with very small chunks of oxtail and I didn't taste any spiciness from the belacan sauce. The lontong cap gomeh was quite ok, came with gepuk, chicken and egg besides the vegetables, the broth was also quite tasty.

Padangnese beef satay
Grilled short ribs
Belacan fried rice w/ oxtail
Lontong cap gomeh
Overall to me the dishes was just standard and overpriced. I might be coming back, only if I get another dining voucher from certain card. 

Plaza Senayan level 4 unit CP 4
Jl. Asia Afrika, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 5725521

Monday, August 15, 2011

(Closed) Tsukinofune

One of the so many great things that I like from the company I worked in is the colleagues. We are quite close one another and even some of the colleagues had resigned, we still keep in touch and sometimes gather for a chit chat. One of our ex colleagues who got married and moved to Singapore came to Jakarta, so yesterday the five of us gather for a sweet lunch at Tsukinofune.

I had been wanting to go to this place for quite some time since I read the review in Laksmi Pamuntjak's Jakarta Good Food Guide book, but since I am really not familiar with Jakarta's road esp those in South, my curiosity on Tsukinofune just paid off yesterday. 

It was located at the back of Hotel Ambhara, not inside. There's an alley beside Hotel Ambhara where Tsukinofune entrance positioned, so we can just parked along the alley. The restaurant itself was not too spacious, but as we walked in turns out they divided the place into several rooms, they make the interior quite Japanese looky. I especially loved how they designed the bathroom, it was so cute and antique, one of the cleanest bathroom in dining places I ever been. 

We had been wanted to try their special lunch bento set where only can be ordered latest by 2pm. The 5 of us all opted for Tsukinofune Bento (160k). I actually wanted to try others for comparison, but the Bento's picture just look so tempting that I decided to go with the same one. As for the sushi, we ordered Tsukinofune roll (75k) and Tuna wakame roll (65k) to shared. The sushi came first and the presentation was flawless and so was the taste. Tsukinofune roll was roll of tempura, cucumber, avocado and topped with Unagi, loved it. Tuna wakame roll was nice too, but we prefer Tsukinofune roll better.
Our bento came and we were surprised of the portions. The bento was in a wooden box with 9 slots where 9 items of dishes beautifully put inside, where the salad, chawan musi, rice and miso soup served outside the box. Reminder for next time: One bento was more than enough to be shared by 2-3 persons. Everything on the Bento was presented beautifully. I loved the Chawan musi, it was one of the best in town, came with mushroom, crab stick, chunks of chicken, and ginko nuts, the egg was not smelly at all. The 9 items in the bento were jelly fish, prawn tempura with almond and fried crab meat, grilled beef, prawn mayo, cold soba, grilled salmon, fresh sashimi, unagi and yakitori. Unfortunately, I didn't try them all due to the capacity of my tummy. However it was assured that the amount we paid was worth the meals, the service and the ambiance of the dining place. 

Tsukinofune roll
Tuna wakame roll
Chawan musi & salad
Complimentary coconut ice cream
Tsukinofune Bento

They didn't charge us for the ocha and it was refillable. After our meal, we were given complimentary coconut ice cream for dessert. I didn't like it tough, too sweet for me. Anyway, it was a very pleasant dining experience. I will surely be back. =)

bwL girls w/ wardrobes from Lemon's

Hotel Ambhara (at the back of the hotel)
Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya No.1
Ph. +6221 2700709

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lemon's CLOSET 3

Finally, I finished all the photo shoots and editing. Lemon's CLOSET 3 had been launched just now at FB. =) Here's some of the collections while you check for the complete one at: