Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bubble tea fever in Jakarta: Which one you like best?

You know how you are on diet and there's just one thing that you simply cannot let go, and you just let it ruin your diet plan? Well, for me that thing came in plastic cups with toppings. I love bubble tea and simply can't get enough of them. Who's with me?

Update: For bubble Tea brands located at PIK, pls click here.

CHA TIME  (franchise from Taiwan)

Strong points: Comes with the most variants among others bubble tea, generous toppings and the richest flavors of others bubble tea. Originate from Taiwan. Their plum tea is the best, rich in flavor, really can feel the sourness.

Price range: 18 - 21k for regular, 21 - 24k for large.  

Recommendation: Taiwan plum green tea & Sour plum green tea with aloe vera toppings. Both are top notch.

Available at: Central Park, Ciputra, Gandaria City, Senayan City, Living World, Mal Artha gading, Mal Puri Indah, MKG 3, Ace Bintaro, Plaza Semanggi, Kota Kasablanka, Grand Indonesia, Mall Taman Anggrek, Emporium Pluit, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Baywalk.

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COME BUY (franchise from Taiwan)

Strong points: They have the best egg pudding topping compare to others, I never tasted their milk tea as I don't drink dairy, but according to most of my friends, their milk tea is the best, condense and tasty. Originated from Taiwan.

Price range: 19k - 23k.

Recommendation: Pudding milk tea & pudding chocolate.

Available at: Emporium Pluit, Pacific Place, Kota Kasablanka, Central Park, PIK.

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BOBA INC (local)

Strong points: Comes with the most toppings selections and unique ones, many selections on fresh fruit tea,  they have mini pearls.

Price range: 14 - 21k for regular, 17 - 24k for large.

Recommendation: Try their refreshing champagne grape & Apple tea with ice jelly toppings.

Available at: Belleza Permata Hijau, Taman Anggrek Mall, fX, UOB Plaza.

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CALAIS (local)

Strong points: Unique combinations of yogurt tea, rock a salt, price is quite cheap compare others, sugar is made from fruit fructose, cute cups with life quotes in each of them.

Price range:  14k - 24k.

Recommendation: Roasted milk tea.

Available at: Kuningan City, Karawaci, Central Park Mall, Mall Taman Anggrek, Mall Alam Sutera.

ADDIC TEA (local)

Strong points: Variants of Yakult combine with tea and fruits, price is cheaper among others.

Price range: 14k - 23k.

Recommendation: Tea or fruits with yakult & Tangerine high mountain tea.

Available at: Plaza Indonesia Extension.


Strong points: Quite many variants of fruit teas, lesser queue.

Price range: 18k - 21k.

Recommendation: Tea or fruits with yakult & Tangerine high mountain tea.

Available at: Gandaria City, Lippo Mall Kemang.


Strong points: Unique flavors such as creme brulee, butterscotch, tiramisu, marshmallow, etc. The topping texture is good, lesser queue.

Price range: 17k - 24k.

Recommendation: Oolong milk tea and the unique flavors tea.

Available at: Pluit Village, Lippo Karawaci.

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MY CHA (local)

Strong points: Varieties of their own my cha creations such as oriental beauty tea, grey earl black tea, my cha milk tea, etc, lesser queue.

Price range: 18k - 27k.

Recommendation: My cha milk tea, yogurt drink.

Available at: eX, Puri Indah Mall.

TEA MASTER (local)

Strong points: Lots of variant from fruit tea, milk tea, yogurt tea, smoothies. They also have flavor milk tea like mango or honeydew, the bubble topping texture is good, not sticky.

Price range: 18k - 24,5k.

Recommendation: Green honeydew milk tea.

Available at: Puri Indah Mall, Mall of Indonesia.

FIND MOLLY (local)

Strong points: The only strong point I can think about is the cute store concept. The drinks are not bad, but nothing special to be highlighted.

Price range: 16k - 22k.

Available at: Gandaria City, fX. 

GONG CHA (franchise from Taiwan)

Strong/ weak points: Super famous in Taiwan & Spore. Fresh premium tea with strong fragrant. Various choices to choose from.  

Price range: 15k - 24k.

Recommendation: Winter melon tea.

Available at: Central Park, Grand Indonesia.

50 LAN (franchise from Taiwan)

Strong/ weak points: I can't really comment on the strong or weak points as so far only tried their Yakult green tea and it was pretty standard.

Price range: 14k - 20k.

Available at: Hayam Wuruk, Muara Karang, PIK (all at Bubur Sapo Bun Ong).


SHINY TEA (franchise from Taiwan)

Strong points: The first store to sell milk tea with tapioca pearls in Taiwan. The only bubble tea brand in Jakarta that open 24 hours (temporary only the one in Gading boulevard). Lots of variants including the unique apple vinegar creation drinks. Price is cheaper compare to others.

Price range: 15k - 21k.

Recommendation: Fruit vinegar creations tea.

Available at: Mall of Indonesia, Mall Artha Gading, Kelapa Gading Boulevard, Muara Karang Raya, Tanjung Duren, Puri Pesanggarahan.

GEORGPECK (franchise from Taiwan)

Strong points: Lots of selections. Using fresh fruit for their fruit juices. Unique fresh flavor of tomato, mango and passion fruit blended with iced honey. 

Price range: 17k - 28k.

Recommendation: Fruit juice with honey iced blended

Available at: Mall Alam Sutera, Plaza Semanggi, opening soon at Kemang, Bintaro & Benton Junction.

SHARE TEA (franchise from Taiwan)

Strong points: Lots of other options beside milk tea. Yakult, rock salt and cheese, smoothies and fruit tea creations. 

Price range: 16k - 24k.

Recommendation: Rock salt and cheese selections

Available at: Plaza Semanggi, Mall Ciputra, Mall Taman Anggrek, PIM 2, Lottemart Bintaro, Lottemart Kelapa Gading, MKG, Puri Indah Mall, Baywalk.

COCO (franchise from Taiwan)

Strong points: Lots of other options beside milk tea. Smoothies and fruit tea creations.

Price range: 16k - 23k.

Recommendation: Sour plum lemon juice

Available at: Epicentrum Kuningan, Pacific Place, Baywalk


Strong points: The toppings texture is good.

Price range: 14k - 24k (small & medium size).

Recommendation: Passion fruit ai-yu jelly, bubble milk tea, chocolate milk tea

Available at: Emporium Pluit, Baywalk

TEA CUPS (local)

Strong points: They use real tea leaves, no preservatives.

Price range: 19k - 25k

Available at: Mall Taman Anggrek

FAT STRAW (local)

Strong points: I'm not lactose intolerant but I don't drink dairy. Their Ice milk drink might be the first milk tea I actually could drink and enjoy it. The large cup is very cute, fat and chunky.

Price range: 16k - 28k (regular & large size)

Recommendation: Ice milk drink

Available at: Kelapa Gading near Sports Mall 


Strong points: They have many tea flavors. Love their kumquat lemon with basil seeds. 

Price range: 17k - 26k (regular & large size)

Available at: Lotte shopping avenue at Food avenue

SANCHA (franchise from Taiwan)

Strong points: Their tea is freshly brewed every 4 hours. 

Price range: 17k - 23k (regular & large size)

Available at: Street gallery PIM 1


Strong points: Many variants, including unique flavors like lime mojito, wildberry mojito, also serving light food.

Price range: 15k - 28k (regular & large size)

Available at: Citra 6 sixth avenue (next to Ninotchka)

I LOVE TAIMEI (franchise from Taiwan)

Strong points: Aside from bubble tea, they also sell Taiwanese snacks and rice bento set. Their passion yakult might be the best one I've had so far among other brands. Try the Sanchai bento and chicken skin, it's addictive.

Price range: 18 - 28k (regular and large size)

Available at: Mall Central Park Tribeca UG fl

 KUNGFU TEA (Franchised from Taiwan)

Strong/ weak points: Various choices of milk tea, fruit tea, yakult tea, smoothies, etc. Their strong point is they offer various Taiwanese snacks. The chicken skin is heavenly good. :) 

Price range: 18k - 31k.

Available at: Tanjung Duren next to Apartment Mediterania

 *updated Mar 18th, 2014


Chic Eater said...

Loved your bubble tea article ^^
Btw I'm adding your address as link on our blog if you don't mind =)

Ivy said...

It will be an honour. I also hv your blog link on mine :) love all your writings and pictures!

Chic Eater said...

thx so much ^___________^

Sellyana Astri said...

I love Quickly above else. :p

Anonymous said...

must try ochado bubble tea PIK

Anonymous said...

love boba inc + calais :) entah kenapa selalu dapet yg gak enak di chatime.. jd pengen coba ochado hehe.. nungguin buka di KK.. gw link ke blog yah.. thanks

Ivy said...

@youseefood: selera kali yah. G malah ga gt cocok ma calais. :D sure, thanks. Tar g link lo punya juga yah

bittersweet said...

chatime and bobabits
chatime mostly enak smua, bobabits taro nya juara :)

HedaHedo said...

I have yet to meet a person who doesn't like bubble tea. lol I'm looking forward to tasting those you listed.
I never drink anything other than milk tea with bubbles at these joints, and my favourite is Shiny Tea. I think they have their own tea brew (are teas brewn?? LOL) and their aroma stands out the most.
Order them with less sugar, though, even the 80% sugar had me all funked up. Now I order 30% sugar.

sentosa said...

Hiii ivy, cm mau ksh mskan aja, mgkn kamu bs coba 50 lan di jalan hayam wuruk, posisinya di bubur bun ong, teman saya yg tinggal di taiwan blg kalo 50 lan itu di taiwan lbh terkenal dan lbh enak di banding cha time, cm sy jg blm coba, teman saya jg blm coba yg di indo, kmrn pas kita lwt jln hayam wuruk dia lihat ada 50 lan, makanya kita bahas, siapa tau kamu mau coba..... Tq.

Devi said...

You should try two other new bubbletea places in pik: Dakasi (next to Mr Tea Inc) and Fat Bubble (next to Ochado). Capital Tea is also opening in Dec. Bubbletea overdose!

Ivy said...

@sentosa: wah thanks infonya yah. Aku baru tau 50Lan uda buka di jkt. Secepatnya tar aku coba :)

@devi: thanks yah dev. Uda coba cuman blm sempet review hehe. Klo fat bubble baru aja di posting. Capital tea uda buka koq di px. Mank des dia mau buka dmn lagi?

Anonymous said...

Toffee nut milk tea of Find Molly is one of my favorite, but tooooooo sweet! 70% sugar aja masih manis >_< Anyway, thank you for sharing! Mumpung di deket Come Buy, ntar mau nyoba ah! ~ ~ ~\o/

elvina febriani said...

Dear LORD! U really have tried it all, haven't you.. saking banyaknya I think i have lost my ways in judging bubble teas.. there are simply too much!

Gloria Fujiesa said...

Nyoba taro n honeydew punya rasanya paling juara. Milk tea nya juga sih, selera kali ya... Cuma dia punya Ga encer walaupun agak lama baru diminum...

bahtiar rifa'i said...

Coba mampir ke each a cup dong.. di mall artha gading lt. Gf..
Highly recommend. ..

freddy butarbutar said...

Hai.. Coba each a cup dong.. Dgn konsep each a brew for each a cup.. Bener2 fresh tea yg gak d tampung2 di boiler ky yg lain :p
Di spore n malay udh famous bgt loh..
Di jakarta ada d mall artha gading lt. Gf


Soer Naniek said...

Ditunggu lho update-an terbaru nya.

Lisusanto said...

Cobain favoritku juga ya .... Jakarta Bubble Drink . Cheers... :)

PST's Garden said...

Hi Ivy, thanks for your article. Love your reviews. My favorite is Shiny Tea with Vinegar Apple Juice. Feels so good for my intestines after consume it ;) And Shiny tea got many kinds of original Chinese Tea. I think they are freshly brewed because taste strong enough for just a bubble tea.
I think The Klp gading Blvd Branch with the 24h service is the best one.
MOI's branch is awful :(

Janice Ang said...

there r so much stuff in Jakarta and I luv luv luvv bobba drinks!! But sadly i live in surabaya. I would like to try Gong Cha and Koi (ps i didnt know that there was Koi in jkt) and the one wif the big cups! I know one awesome bubble drink place its called Tea4you! so thx thx thx for this

william zhang said...

gile deng, ternyata banyak bener ya brand bubbe tea skrg. tetep di update ya bu. it's a top notch article.

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