Friday, June 29, 2012


A new place to see and to be seen. When I knew it was under Ismaya group, high expectations were raised. From the stylish Blowfish and Social House to the much humble Mr. Curry, I always love the design concept of all diners under Ismaya group. As for SKYE? It took my breath away... 

The first time I went to Skye was after my lunch at Downtown Bistro. Fascinated by their very own private lift which took us to the 56th flr, we were greeted and asked politely on where we wanted to sit. Apparently the entire floor were divided into lounge/ bar where only cocktails, desserts and finger foods allowed to be ordered and dining for a heavy meal. Without knowing that reservation is essential in this place, we were in luck to be seated directly in the lounge area.

Positioned in one of the tallest building's roof top, sitting in the lounge area with spectacular view of J-town surely gives a whole other feeling. It's like for the moment we were there, I forget a bit that I was actually in Jakarta. With comfy sofa beds set in front of a pool looking through the view, the breeze was relaxing. It was a very good place to chat while waiting for sunset.

Swamped from our earlier lunch and having to sit in the area meant for lighter food only, we chose Forget me not (45k) and Apple virgin mojito (45k) from their mocktail selections, along with Bread and butter pudding with whiskey and maple ice cream (50k) & Salted caramel tart with chocolate rum and raisin ice cream (45k) from their line of desserts. Both the mocktails and desserts were a great company on that evening. I especially adore the salted caramel tart, the crunchy almond (i think) on the top of the tart was delicious!

Several days later, I met up with some of my ex-colleagues for a lunch time at SKYE. This time, some changes arise. The lounge area will only be open at 4pm onwards, no photo taking of the interior with professional camera, not even a peek to lounge area before 4pm.

Anyway, the three of us ordered the same thing. Not too adventurous, yes, but what can you say when craving was in place. So both me and one of my friend chose Texas Style rubbed US Black Angus Sirloin (180k), while another friend chose US Black angus beef fillet minute steak (150k). The steaks were disappointment. They were quite tender, but it was not juicy, too dry and were surely not worth the price. I even can't took another bite of the coleslaw as it was way too salty. 
Bread and butter pudding with whiskey and maple ice cream
Salted caramel tart with chocolate rum and raisin ice cream
Forget Me Not (blend of lime, apple and raspberry) and Apple Virgin Mojito
Texas Style rubbed US Black Angus Sirloin (200gr) with coleslaw and dianne sauce

Texas Style rubbed US Black Angus Sirloin (200gr) with cafe de paris sauce
El Mariachi (mixed fruits and juice) and Purple Haze (blueberries, lychee, vanilla ice cream and milk)

Dining area (day view)
Dining area (night view)

I want to say that the winning food were the desserts and mocktails, but it will be a too early assumption. Shall go back to try some of their other signature dishes first. So far, been there twice, enjoy it very much on the first time, not so much on the second. But they said third time's a charm rite? So, I'll see u soon SKYE!

Menara BCA 56th Flr
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1
Ph. +6221 5225285


Anonymous said...

do u think SKYE suits for dinner date? thanks

Ivy said...

I think skye would fit into the criteria. The dining area surrounded with glass walls so you can enjoy your dinner date while enjoying Jakarta's view. :)

HedaHedo said...

Skye's foods are definitely not worth their price. Those steaks look like they've been sitting for days before it got served : it's dry and not appetizing.
I have tried their caramelised pork belly, and it was hard (tasted like it has been deep fried, then sauteed or something) and too much fat (poor cut!). Although the sauce was good, the chewiness really put me off.
I would say that they ought to charge me 40k, instead of 135k for that ridiculously overcooked pork belly.

Sparkling Blossom said...

I heard that this restaurany really expensive, is that true? Is the food nice?

Ivy said...

@sparkling: termasuk menengah ke atas sih tapi bukan yang ampe mahal kaya fine dining koq.