Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[CLOSED] Christmas Brunch at Sala Kitchen

So, how was everyone Christmas day? 
Mine was a one fine day. Why? As I got to spend a whole day with my husband. *wink* It might sound so simple, but personally for me it was beyond that. Being married to someone as workaholic as mine, having a whole day with him is something rare. We go out a lot, but 90% of it was during dinner time. So, I was super excited on arranging where we should have our Christmas' breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday. *happy face*
I have been wanting to go to Sala Kitchen for quite some time, and yesterday's timing was perfect, having hubby as my date, no traffic and they happen to have Christmas brunch menu for the day. Positioned in the main street of Kemang not far from KOI, Sala Kitchen took a small building with beautiful vintage look. I was awing the white and lime green rustic look the moment I step down from the car. The vintage door and flowers hanging around the windows solidify the whole European chic, in line with their cuisine type.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Dapur Buntut PIK

Around last week, hubby and I went to PIK on weekdays around 8pm and the rapidly growth food districts were fully packed with line of cars. So packed that we got a little traffic moment and the hassle having to double u-turn just to find a parking spot. My husband is a total grumpy when it comes to dealing with heavy crowds and traffic jam. Fortunately that night, his reluctance led us to find, in my opinion, the best oxtail soup in Jakarta. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

[CLOSED] Le Jardin Moovina

It has been almost two months since my first try out at Mezzanine. Incase you don't know yet, Moovina is a newly established French Vietnam cuisine under the same management with Ocha & Bella. What's exciting about Moovina is there are two cafes under the same restaurant connected with an inside staircase where each of them shares different types of cuisine and design concept.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Commune 25

Right at the moment when I was in need of a good meal and great company, there they were... Duo combination of Commune and my girls. Last Saturday without doubt was one of my best lunch date in the past few months, 4 hours spoiled with great friends, good laughs and scrumptious food. One of the girls recently was blessed on being a new young mom of a healthy handsome baby boy, Sebastian. So, couple days after Baby S's one month old, we gathered for a not so quick catch up at Commune. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dakasi: Bright shiny stars from Taiwan

Tuesday night...
During Keeping up with the Kardashians...
Beep beep
Got a bb message from a friend of mine,
"Hey why your recent posts lately cover those places at PIK only? Don't you go anywhere further than that place?"

I smirked, replied... 
"You talk to your new governor, tell him to do something with that traffic on his 7k highway, then I'll start to review all kinds of new places you want".

I noticed. Guilty as charged, I have not really been myself lately. I never like the traffic in Jakarta, but it used to never stop me from hunting new cafes in town.
These couple months, just the thought of getting the car out of garage, side by side with those traffic easily convinced me to change my mind from having lunch at south to randomly sauteed whatever I can find inside the fridge.

I'm not a grumpy, I know that traffic jam is a done deal package for people living in Jakarta. I used to not really bother by it, but lately I don't know man... Is it just me who thinks the traffic just getting worse and worse?

So, for the time being... Please bare with me when my post mostly limit to cover places at PIK. ;)