Monday, December 24, 2012

Dapur Buntut PIK

Around last week, hubby and I went to PIK on weekdays around 8pm and the rapidly growth food districts were fully packed with line of cars. So packed that we got a little traffic moment and the hassle having to double u-turn just to find a parking spot. My husband is a total grumpy when it comes to dealing with heavy crowds and traffic jam. Fortunately that night, his reluctance led us to find, in my opinion, the best oxtail soup in Jakarta. 

I never am a fan of oxtail soup so initially, the only reason we chose Dapur Buntut PIK for our dinner was due to they were one of the few with parking spots left. I even almost order something else on the menu besides their oxtail, luckily I changed my mind when I spotted that they used imported Australian beef for the oxtail. Dapur Buntut PIK is a family business which recently opened 9 months ago. The friendly owner, a well preserved auntie shared with us that the humble eatery was born due to her passion in cooking. The auntie told us that she loves to cook for her friends & families, and they especially loves her homemade oxtail which eventually led her to open her first culinary business. 

The oxtail comes in three choices; soup, grilled or balado. Each of them served with steamed rice, crackers, pickles, potato fritters, lime and chilli sauce, comes in three sizes, small (35k with 1pcs of oxtail), medium (60k with 2pcs of oxtails) and large (75k with 3pcs of oxtails). Hubby chose grilled oxtail large size while I went with the medium size of balado oxtail

The oxtails were superb! Big sizes and very tender as they use quality imported Austrailian beef, the sauces was really seep in and the sambal balado was very spicy. The fact they were being generous on placing the pickles and chilli jars on the table was a bonus. And I love their condense soup packed with big cuts of tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. It was a very enjoyable home dish, something warm and delicious with modest presentation, making me feel like I was eating in my mom's dining room instead of a restaurant. 

You know how I mentioned I never am a fan of oxtail soup? Generally speaking, I'm still not, but I am a fan of theirs. I truly wish that those new diners emerged at PIK could put more effort on their food instead of focusing on bringing the coolest interior only. Will I be back? Not only that I will, but I have. Twice! 

Dapur Buntut PIK
Rukan Garden House Blok B No. 18E
Bukit Golf Mediterania, Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29033181
Opening hours: 10.30am - 11pm

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me likey!! buntutnya empukkk