Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dakasi: Bright shiny stars from Taiwan

Tuesday night...
During Keeping up with the Kardashians...
Beep beep
Got a bb message from a friend of mine,
"Hey why your recent posts lately cover those places at PIK only? Don't you go anywhere further than that place?"

I smirked, replied... 
"You talk to your new governor, tell him to do something with that traffic on his 7k highway, then I'll start to review all kinds of new places you want".

I noticed. Guilty as charged, I have not really been myself lately. I never like the traffic in Jakarta, but it used to never stop me from hunting new cafes in town.
These couple months, just the thought of getting the car out of garage, side by side with those traffic easily convinced me to change my mind from having lunch at south to randomly sauteed whatever I can find inside the fridge.

I'm not a grumpy, I know that traffic jam is a done deal package for people living in Jakarta. I used to not really bother by it, but lately I don't know man... Is it just me who thinks the traffic just getting worse and worse?

So, for the time being... Please bare with me when my post mostly limit to cover places at PIK. ;)

My first Dakasi was around a year ago during a trip in Shenzhen. Honestly speaking, I don't even remember I ever drink one, but my bestie who was with me on the trip convinced me that we did. Originated from Taiwan, this bright shiny stars also can be found in Hong Kong, China, Philippine, Thailand and now Indonesia.

Sharing the same shop with another famous Taiwan street snacks, Shilin, Dakasi open their first shop at Pantai Indah Kapuk where they occupied the first floor and Shilin took the upper level. By far, they have the prettiest shop's design among all bubble tea shops in Jakarta. Combined with natural wood element, they put couches with yellow stripes cushions, line of chairs in the porch side with colorful artificial flowers, easily makes the whole place a comfortable spot to hang with friends.

The various of selections from milk tea, tea garden, exotic tea, yakult tea, matcha tea and smoothie confused us, so we simply went with those put as recommendations. Bubble milk tea (21k), Japanese style plum iced tea with nata de coco (18k) and Orange au lait. The tea flavor was very dominated that my friend said she couldn't really feel the milk taste in her bubble milk tea. My Japanese plum tea was weirdly sweet when I thought plum was supposed to be sour, even with the less sugar, it tasted too sweet for my liking, although people who like sweets might like this one as it tasted okay, fresh with chewy nata de coco. The orange au lait is one of their popular and turns to be the best among three, although it was a bit sweet but I like the tangy orange powder on the bottom.

Japanese Plum Iced Tea & Bubble Milk Tea
Orange Au Lait

With the combination of Dakasi's fresh tea, Shilin's delicious xxl crispy chicken, comfy place and the affordable prices, I think the duo Taiwanese will surely be a hit.

Dakasi Bubble Tea & Shilin Taiwanese Street Snacks
Ruko Cordoba Blok D No. 17
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
T. @dakasiindonesia


elvina febriani said...

emang thu traffic bkin mager bgt ya.. ke pik aj skrg kadang macet.. ngerem di rumah dah

Ivy said...

Benerrr bgt. Apalagi pagi ini. Mo masuk pik mulai macet dari aw mk!! Apa jdnya klo mall nya uda buka.