Thursday, February 7, 2019

Burger King and Mcdonald’s

Hubs and I have different characters. 

I'm a pessimist, he's an optimist.

I'm introvert, he's ambivert. 

Occasional solitude is important for me, not to him. 

I like to try new places, while he is loyal to his favorites. 

I love books, he hates reading.

And these are just half of them... 

We are different, but we do our best to make it work.

We respect our differences, because we understand everyone is born different.

Don't force people to change into someone they're not. If one day they decided to change, let it be on their own terms, for their own benefit, not yours.  

I always believe that mutual understanding is the basic foundation in any kind of relationships. 

Shall we all learn to be more like Burger King and McDonald's? After all, they are our favorite junk food. ;)

Until next thoughts, 


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Why I Think It's Important To Listen To Your Inner Voice

The reason why I am a believer in listening to our inner voice starts from this chapter of my life...

It was 2005. Couple months after I graduated from college, I was still jobless. I majored in Accounting, yet I suck at numbers. Well, probably not suck, but the idea of working in a field relating to numbers has never been my interest. So, why choose accounting, you were wondering? I’m not sure, I was 17 when I graduated from high school, not really know what my interest are, at that time, Accounting seems to be a safe choice. Something that I regretted now, because dear... Always find something you passionate in.