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Spoiled with various choices of bubble tea at PIK

On the early stage of bubble tea's popularity months ago, with only few brands around, Cha Time, Come Buy, Boba Inc... Queuing line were seen in almost every stalls. Nowadays, line of queue almost never seen, but it doesn't mean that they have lost their popularity. Even worse, I feel like Jakarta were attacked with bubble tea virus, so many that I simply forced to write a separate bubble tea post beside the one I posted quite some time ago. Click here.
As per now PIK it self has got 13 bubble tea shops in their popular food district.

I used to be a bit, I rephrase, major addicted to bubble tea. Just simply can't get enough of them. But you know how people say that you can't eat something again and again and again because eventually you will feel sick of it even by hearing it? More or less, it's probably what I feel at the moment towards these fattening drinks. But I feel committed to finish what I start... So here it goes... Bubble tea shops at PIK. Enjoy, go try and get fat...


Serving: Various choices of milk teas and fruit teas, Taiwan snacks such as popcorn chicken, fried mushrooms, Taiwan authentic main courses, hot and cold desserts
My thought: Even with the 11 bubble tea brands at PIK so far, my heart still goes to Bobabits. Their rose tea just simply win me over with the refreshing strong roses fragrant. The one that bothers me is just the never empty crowds, so it's almost impossible to get a seat there, especially on night time and weekend.

Price range: 18 - 23k for bubble tea's one size (regular)

Address/ Phone number: Ruko Elang Laut (In front of RS. Grand Family)

Opening hours: 11am - 11pm (until 12 midnite on weekend)

Also available at: Summarecon Mall Serpong 2

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OCHADO (Franchise from Japan)

Serving: Various choices of milk teas, iced teas, iced lemonade, yakult teas and Hokkaido layer cakes.
My thought: Being the first bubble tea from Japan, I love their Ochado's Lemonade with basil seeds. Sour, refreshing and unique topping as I hardly find basil seeds topping in other bubble tea's brands. My friend loves their Oolong milk tea.

Price range: 18 - 28k for bubble tea (one regular size only)

Address/ Phone number: Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 23/ +6221 29424747

Opening hours: 12 noon - 11pm (until 12mid on weekend)

Also available at: Kota Kasablanka

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MR. TEA INC (Franchised from Taiwan)

Serving: Lots of variant of teas, from autumn teas, winter teas, spring teas, signatures teas, and a special cream cheese tea. Also available milk tea and coffees. Serving light meals such as Yakitori, chicken wings, french fries, etc. 
My thought: What I like about them is they have more variant of tea selections more than milk tea, great for people who don't drink milk like me.

Price range: 15 - 23k for bubble tea

Address/ Phone number: Rukan Cordoba Blok D No. 15/ +6221 99747626

Opening hours: 11am - 12mid (until 2am on weekend)

Also available at: Ruko Danau Sunter


Serving: Various milk tea & fruit tea's selections, light snacks such as sweet potato, fries, wings, etc.  
My thought: Local bubble tea with ingredients imported from Taiwan, though I don't really feel anything special with their teas (only tried 2 types, though), but I heard many rave about their milk tea. 

Price range: 14 - 22k for bubble tea

Address/ Phone number: Rukan Cordoba Blok D No. 17

Opening hours: 11am - 12mid (until 1am on weekend)

THE LAB (Local)

Serving: Fresh tea, milk tea, yogurt creations, smoothies, coffee with popping boba as one of their toppings. 
My thought: Probably a local bubble tea with the most creative concept. All the staffs wear lab coats and the shop was designed with laboratory concept. Simply unique. 

Price range: 15 - 24k for bubble tea (one size only). 

Address/ Phone number: Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 29/ +628118772837

Opening hours: 11am - 12mid (until 1am on weekend)

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DAKASI (Franchised from Taiwan)

Serving: Various choices of milk tea, matcha tea, exotic tea, yakult and smoothies. 
My thought: Dakasi is definitely the prettiest bubble tea shop at PIK. The drinks selections are vary. Sharing the same ruko with Shilin, making them a good spot to seep their various choices of bubble teas while ordering Shilin's menu. Try their unique Orange au lait.

Price range: 14 - 27k for bubble tea

Address/ Phone number: Ruko Cordoba blok D no. 17 

Opening hours: 11am - 12mid (until 1am on weekend)

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CHA TIME (Franchise from Taiwan)

Serving: Milk tea, fruit tea, smoothies, etc.   
My thought: Ah my ultimate bubble tea brand. My favorite among all bubble teas in Indonesia, so far. Love love love their Sour plum green tea and Taiwan Plum green tea

Price range: 14 - 28k for bubble tea (regular and large size).

Address/ Phone number: Ruko Crown Golf Blok A no. 18.

Opening hours: 11am - 12mid (until 1am on weekend)

Also available at: Central Park, Taman Anggrek, Gandaria City, Emporium Pluit, Kota Kasablanka, Puri Indah Mall, Alam Sutera, Ciputra mall, Senayan City, Grand Indonesia, Mall Artha Gading, Mall Kelapa Gading, Bintaro, Plaza Semanggi.

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DING TEA (Franchise from Taiwan)

Serving: Traditional tea, fruit tea, milk tea, healthy hot drinks, and juice. Also serving egg tart.     
My thought: Enjoyable. For people who like sour like me, try their Kumquat lemon green tea and ask for extra sour and less sugar. Yum! Too bad their location make them a bit empty even on weekend, but with the vast growth that PIK are having right now, I am sure the empty buildings around them will soon emerge to new diners. 

Price range: 15 - 26k for bubble tea (regular and large size).

Address/ Phone number: Rukan Garden Blok A No. 10 

Opening hours: 11am - 10pm (until 11pm on weekend)

AGAN TEA (Franchised from Taiwan)

Serving: Fruit tea, milk tea, herbal tea, milk lid selections, yogurt drink, coffee, hot drink and smoothies. Also serving authentic Taiwanese dishes such as Mala noodles, braised pork rice bowl, fried chicken, sweet potato fries, etc. 
My thought: I quite like their bubble tea. After Cha Time, Bobabits & Fat Bubble, they might be the fourth I mostly like when it comes to bubble tea shops at PIK. Try their passion fruit QQ and Hawaiian fruit tea. One thing though, make sure you make it less sugar, as I opted for their lowest sugar level and still surprised with it sweetness.  

Price range: 15 - 25k for bubble tea (regular and large size)

Address/ Phone number: Rukan Cordoba Blok E No. 11

Opening hours: 11am - 11pm (until 12mid on weekend)

50Lan (Franchised from Taiwan)

Serving: Fruit tea, milk tea, fruit juice, smoothies. Sharing the same spot with Sapo Bun Ong
My thought: The name was less familiar than other brands from Taiwan. The branch at PIK open 24 hours and serving Kindori Japanese ice cream with real fruit blended with fresh milk. Good ice cream, should try. As for the teas, I find it so so although it is quite famous in Taiwan. 

Price range: 15 - 21k for bubble tea (regular and large size)

Address/ Phone number: Rukan Cordoba

Opening hours: 24 hours


Serving: Fruit tea, milk tea, smoothies, yakult and honey drinks, Also serving light snacks.  
My thought: So famous that it not need further explanations on the drinks. I shall just comment on the place, their PIK's outlet is definitely the prettiest among other Come Buy's outlets  
Price range: 19 - 23k for bubble tea.

Address/ Phone number: Rukan Garden House Blok B No. 1 (few shops from Hong Tang)

Opening hours: 11am - 11pm


Serving: Bubble tea, Taiwanese dessert, Japanese dessert, Japanese noodle & Taiwanese light snacks.
My thought: A Japanese dessert theme shop. Love their creative presentation. Lots of choices to choose. Try the Boo!Kakigori and Iced Nutella.   
Price range: 19 - 31k for bubble tea, start from 29k for desserts and others.

Address/ Phone number: Rukan Crown Golf Mediterania (few shops away from Ikkudo Ichi)

Opening hours: 11am - 11pm

Update per Dec 6th, 2014


erny said...

hi ivy, uda sering buka blog kamu tp br kali ini tinggalin komen.
suka banget sama postingan kali ini, summarize of bubble tea brands in jakarta, which growing like mushroom after the rain, esp at pik ya :D

i'm a bubble tea lovers too, and my fave is still cha time, but haven't try last 3 brands you mentioned above. will give them a try.

keep sharing :)

Ivy said...

^^ thank u so much ya for visiting. Agan tea worth to try banget. :)

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