Sunday, August 20, 2017


Pippo has been on my list since the day they opened for public, but just managed to go there couple days ago. They are a newly Italian restaurant located in Senayan City with a catchy name. Ambiance wise, Pippo is the sort of place you can easily getting comfortable in.

We were there, just us two. In the hope of getting a good Italian treat. What I've always love from Italian restaurant is their welcoming soft fluffy bread. I always like the one where it comes with combination of olive oil and vinegar instead of butter for the dipping, and here at Pippo, they provide both of them.

Italian Meatballs Pizza IDR 120.000,-

Before I even read the menu, I've known Pizza is what I wanted for my lunch that day. From 10 choices on the pizza selections, we picked their Italian Meatballs pizza (120k). I, as always requested extra rocket leaves on the top, though to find it came with only few of them. The pizza, wasn't the best but enough to accommodate my cravings. People who love cheese will appreciate more on how generous they are with the parmesan.

Angus Rib Eye Steak IDR 295.000,-

Hubs had the Angus Rib Eye steak (295k), opted medium well, yet to find it came on well done. Though kudos on still having the meat to be juicy on a well done temperature, still we find it disappointing to not have the order right. 

Tiramisu IDR 80.000,-

I'll say that both of our main courses only fall into a safe category. Not bad, but certainly not very good. Still in a determination of getting the "oomph" I was looking for to end our lunch, we went ahead on having a Tiramisu (80k) for dessert, and boy did I get that "oomph". Couple mistakes here and there on the main course wasn't happened at all on the dessert. Our Tiramisu was delightful. Smooth texture, enough creaminess with that hint of coffee. Everything was just so right! It was definitely one of the best Tiramisu I've had in a while. 

I am looking forward to come back for their pasta, and by then hopefully I'll be getting that "oomph" altogether from the moment I start with their Antipasti. 

Senayan City Mall LG Flr
Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan
South Jakarta 
Ph. +6221 72781089
IG: @pippodays

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Hendrayatna Tafianoto said...

For a place like Pippo, branding it safe is damning with faint praise :D

You should really give Sale in The Icon BSD a try if you're a fan of Italian food.