Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baker & Cook, Singapore

Have you ever go to a place diner and then you just simply can't wait to go back?

My trips to Spore has always been about food hunting, and I have met a lot of great places which serves delicious kind of food, but neither one has made me wandering on the second visit so frequently like this one. Baker & Cook has been on my Spore food list for quite some time, but only until this trip I managed to go there with hubs for a morning breakfast.

Baker & Cook has two branch. We went to the one at Martin road which located on the area not conveniently near mrt, so we took a cab there and luckily it was pretty easy to find. Situated in the intersection of office buildings nearby, we saw several office executives were having breakfast there. It was an instant crush the moment I step inside the small cafe. They have huge selections on breads, cakes and pastries. Being someone who often has an affair with breads, it was like heaven to me. They also sell handmade jam for $7.3 a bottle.

On the other hand, they have limited selection on breakfast. If I remember correctly, other than selections of sandwich, salad and breads with jams, I only saw Eggs Benedict ($19) and Scrambled eggs ($14) on the menu. Hence, we went for those two along with their famous carrot cake ($4.7). We didn't order any beverage coz they provide free ice water. 

Our carrot cake was served first. I have heard numerous compliments on Baker & Cook's carrot cake from several Spore food blogger, and boy do they right. It was super gooood! I am not a dessert person, I don't normally like to eat cakes and as far as I remember the only cake I do like is the Red Velvet from Union. I can't say that this one tops the one at Union, I mean you cannot compare carrot cake with red velvet, but seriously it was the best carrot cake ever. It was super moist, soft, not overly sweet and they have pecans, sunflower seeds and sliced carrots mixed inside the cake as well instead only on the top. So you in for double treats. When I got back, I told most of my friends to must go and try their carrot cake, even if you are not a sweet tooth.

Our eggs benedict and scrambled eggs came shortly. Drooling just by looking at them. The eggs benedict, two poached eggs served on toasted bread and salmon topped with hollandaise sauce was very satisfying. The melted egg yolk runs as I cut them, salmon was fresh and the best one was the bread. It was amazing. Baker & Cook surely knows how to make a bread. Hubs' scrambled eggs was simple but good. The eggs were cooked perfectly, moist, not dry and well seasoned.

My opinion towards Baker & Cook is they really serve good food. The eggs benedict and scrambled eggs might be as good as other brunch places in Spore, but I doubt I can find other bread and cakes as good as theirs. I suppose it obvious as it was headed by the respected baker, Dean Brettschneider who has more than 25 years experience and author of 10 best selling baking books. Bottom line, I can't wait for my next visit to Baker & Cook. 

Baker & Cook
38A Martin road #01-01
Ph. +65 66365865
Opening hours: 8am - 6pm

Other branch: 
77 Hillcrest road, Greenwood (Ph. +65 64698834)
Opening hours: 7am - 8pm (until 10pm on Fri & Sat)

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