Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, Maxwell Food Centre Spore

Meet Tian Tian, one of Spore's famous local hawker who won over Chef Gordon Ramsay during Singapore hawker challenge on July this year. The words of how good their Hainanese chicken rice has been around in ages, and not like they need to win over Gordon Ramsay to be popular, as the queuing line at their stalls in Maxwell food centre has been a strong proof on how they are loved by the locals and tourists. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baker & Cook, Singapore

Have you ever go to a place diner and then you just simply can't wait to go back?

My trips to Spore has always been about food hunting, and I have met a lot of great places which serves delicious kind of food, but neither one has made me wandering on the second visit so frequently like this one. Baker & Cook has been on my Spore food list for quite some time, but only until this trip I managed to go there with hubs for a morning breakfast.

Hotel Reviews: Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Last July, hubs and I went for an impromptu trip to Spore. Both of us were in need of a break that time and with only 1 hour 20 minutes flight, Spore always seems to be the right choice. It was actually a surprise trip from him. Hubs also the one who booked the hotel without my knowledge. If it was me, I doubt that I will book our stay at MBS. Why? Coz no matter how touristy that place is, my heart always stays in Orchard. For the convenient, the food, the shops, everything about it. But boy was I about to change my stubbornness.