Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hotel Reviews: Sheraton Kuta Bali Resort

Sheraton Kuta undeniably ranked as one of my most enjoyable stay so far. I travel, and during those travels, I love trying out different kind of hotels. To be honest, I used to not, and more often will choose the kind of hotel I've known and stayed before, until I decided to be not so boring. LOL

Despite of staying in Jakarta who took only 2+ hours to fly to Bali, my trips to the island can be counted by fingers. Until this very day, I've only been to Bali 5 times. I know, rite? I guess Bali has never really nestled in my destination plan as I am not a beach person. I can't function properly in humid and hot places. Those 5 trips even all comes with a purpose, not purely holiday. 

Let's see, my 1st trip to Bali was during my childhood, I was 8 or 9, I guess so that's not really count as I remember so little of it. 
Second trip was on 2008 and it was a business trip. Third trip was on 2011, I flew there with hubs for my (now former) boss' wedding. Fourth trip was on 2013 for hubs' customer's wedding.

Finally, the fifth trip which is the purpose of what this post about. It was in 2013 as well, September. I went there with my folks, again to attend a wedding. Why so many people choose Bali for their wedding? Just fyi, we went there to attend my cousin's wed, and both of he and his wife are not Indonesian. They are Hong Kongers. They were born and stay at Hong Kong, yet they chose Bali for their wedding. Our Bali. Quite impressive huh, to think how Bali affected so many heart of not only Indonesian, but also foreigner? 

Anyway, the wedding was held at Ayana and we almost stay there, but my fussy Dad, I love you but Gosh, traveling with him requires homework. If you happen to be one of Ivy's Life's loyal readers (thank you!), you would remember I shared once that my Dad is pretty fussy when it comes to choosing a place to stay during travel. He specifically need to stay in a hotel with nice room, high floor, great views and busy surroundings with shops and restaurants nearby. Quiet surrounding would not work for him. You know, during our stay at Sheraton, Dad even went to Hard Rock for a drink on Saturday night all by him self, while mom and I sleep like a baby at the hotel. Amazing rite? You rock, Dad

I know that Dad will not like Ayana, as though the hotel is impressive, but the surroundings is pretty quiet. I was in total headache on deciding where to stay as busy and crowded area would be Seminyak and Kuta, I ruled out Seminyak coz I thought the area fitted youngster more, so my option was really only Kuta and there are not many good hotels to choose from. 

Thankfully, here comes Sheraton Kuta Bali Resort. A recently opened hotel and resort in the heart of Kuta. There are plenty of great things I could point out about the hotel. 
  • The location is perfect, just beside the trending shopping mall, Beachwalk and opposite the famous Kuta beach.
  • The room is awesome. We stayed at Deluxe ocean room. The 46 square meters room comes with balcony with view overlooking to the beach. Hint: Stay at 4012, guaranteed best view. The room is modern, spacious, and has a totally clean and large bathroom. All rooms completed with Sheraton sweet sleeper bed to ensure a good night sleep, and hell we had! 
Images taken from the site
Images taken from the site
  • The buffet breakfast at Feast is superb! I've had buffet breakfasts in various hotels. Confident to say Feast at Sheraton serves one of the best buffet breakfast I've ever tried. So many selections to choose from. 

  • The infinity pool is simply awesome. It was not big, to be honest, it kinda small, but just look at it, look at the pictures, how can you say no to that pool? 

  • Last but not least, the service and staffs. Amazing. Top A. Both my folks and I agreed their service is top notch. Super warm, friendly, polite and full of smile. 

We had a blast. Dad even said he would love to come back for another weekend stay here. If you think all that is not enough to convince you for a stay there, you're crazy. LOL I'm kidding. But seriously, this is a great hotel. Go book a weekend stay and prepare to be impressed. :)

Thank you Sheraton Bali for a delightful stay and probably makes me liking Bali a bit more! I heart you.

Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort 
Jl. Pantai Kuta
Kuta, Bali
Ph. +62361 8465555


MITCH said...

Thanks for reviewing! Your dad seems so fun lol.
The breakfast is very decent too.

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Crystal Tika said...

i am always looking forward to breakfasts at hotels. great photos and insights about the hotel!

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