Sunday, February 16, 2014

[CLOSED] Sesto Senso Jakarta by Hide Yamamoto

First established on 2010 in Tokyo, Sesto Senso is a casual Italian restaurant under the great Chef Hide Yamamoto. Their Jakarta's branch located at Lotte Avenue next to Japanese bakery and pastry shop, Flour Flour, which is also under the same company. The restaurant looks minimalist modern. They used yellow lighting but with the glass windows circling all over the restaurant, the ambiance was quite bright.

They offer pasta lunch set, available daily even on weekend. It was quite an offer, 129k++ for 1 choice of pasta, antipasto (appetizer) of the day, dolce (dessert) and coffee/ tea. However, the antipasto would depend on what the chef prepares for you, no options to choose from. As for the desserts, the staff informed me that in the end of my main course later, they will bring a tray of several desserts for me to choose one. If you are a person who needs to know exactly what to expect in advance, their lunch set might not fits you. I, on the other hand, was perfectly fine with it.

Upon ordering, one of the waiter came with a basket full of complimentary fresh bread and asked me to pick. I'm not sure how many for each person, but I took two. The antipasto was some sort of shrimp balls which tasted great, chewy, and a slice of chicken with carrots and beans, I didn't like the chicken, it felt too dry.

The pasta main course comes with five selections, I chose my comfort type of pasta, Spaghetti aglio olio peperoncino (85k for ala carte price). The pasta served warm and just so perfectly cooked. With anchovies and baby corn as the toppings, it tasted right when I ate the spaghetti together with the anchovies, but throwing away the salted fish, the taste felt too bland.

I remember the dessert tray came with 3 choices. Mixed berry pudding, coffee cake and the one I chose, Parfait ala mode (35k ala carte price). This one was good, I liked the vanilla custard on the bottom and the berry macaroon on the top, both had good balance of sweetness. If only they didn't put so much whipped cream between the layers, it would be much better. And yes, the dessert was one of the selections sold at Flour Flour. Even though they are sister company, still a bit of disappointment to learn they served the dessert from pastry shop beside them.

Overall the whole lunch set was okay and absolutely worth the price. But the thing is, with the name as big as Hide Yamamoto, I kinda expect it to be more than okay.

Sesto Senso by Hide Yamamoto
Lotte Shopping Avenue 1st floor
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 3-5
Kuningan, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29889153

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Hendrayatna Tafianoto said...

You can mark this place as closed. I've been here twice and though the taste is better than OK, I guess people much prefer the taste and prices of Pepenero/Trattoria (including me).

Ivy said...

Ah thanks for the update. True though, it's hard to hv it compare to pepenero.