Wednesday, January 13, 2016


After I went back from my short new year trip, I have few days to spare before going back on the healthy catering I've been taking recently. I used that few days to visit some restaurants I haven't been to, including this one.

Monday, January 11, 2016


Viverri definitely gives no reason for people to not wanting to come in, even for non coffee person as me. The strategic location, the monochrome, the fact they serve all day breakfast, you name it. They are not exactly newbie. This new Muara Karang outlet is their second outlet after the first one in Pluit. The first outlet is located inside house complex, petite and only serve coffee. Their second outlet is much bigger with wider menu serving all day breakfast and light snacks as well.

Ivy's Thoughts: After 5 Years

Hello Everyone! Happy new year 2016! Is it too late to ask how's everyone's new year? It's been 11 days but I still find it hard to believe that it's 2016 already. In blink of an eye, here comes Chinese new year. Time flies. 

I'm sorry for the quite long hiatus I've been taking. It was literally the longest blogging-less I've ever done. I was planning to just write a new post without some explanations on the hiatus part, but I decided to write one on reasons behind my absence, not that anyone care. :D

So, if you kind enough to pay attention, I'm not only taking some time off from blogging, but also food hunting. For the past few months, I did cut back on my crazy food hunts. I no longer immediately go to any new restaurants who just open like I used to do. That explains how my social media, instagram to be exact was lack of posts in these past couple months (except during my recent HK's trip).

Okay, it's getting personal. 

After 5 years of marriage, Hubs and I, we decided that it's time to be really serious on planning a family. Since we got married, we never postpone on having a baby, we love kids and never not want one, unfortunately, our journey on having one is not as smooth as other lucky couples. From taking it easy to serious, to on and off doctors' appointments, until at some point, we or to be exact, me, just had the kind of phase that probably every women who's trying to have a baby once had. I stopped trying. Disappointment sucks and sometimes does reality and I stayed at that phase for quite some time, shifting my focus to something "funner". I blogged, I write, I go crazy on restaurant hunting, anything that makes me happy suits me at that time.

It went on for I think couple of years before I realized that I've been focusing on some things that makes me happy temporarily rather than what I really want in life. Everyone wants different things in life, but mine has always is, to have a family. That's all that matters to me but the past disappointments had let me to kinda run away from it.

I love social media, but I'm so glad that I came to realization that getting some time away from it, is actually a good thing. I used to be constantly checking my phone, but now I limit my self to only check instagram couple times in a day. I often leave my camera at home while I go out to eat, something which I never did before. Oh, but I do have Snapchat now. I feel it's the right social media for me at the moment as with snapchat, I can snap casually, not like instagram which need to use a good camera and right angle to get that instagram worthy shot.

For the past few months, we had been on track on getting our purpose refocused. Unlike before, Hubs and I are in committed program with our doctor, no more on off treatments. From that too, we found out that I have Toxoplasmosis history. It's a parasitic disease where adult people are getting infected from pets or raw food. I don't have pets, nor like to be near any cats or dogs, so mine was 100% infected from raw food. I do eat sashimi probably more than normal people who are not Japanese. I love sashimi, I love caesar salad, and I never did know that I have low body immune that got me infected to it. I was on therapy for 3 months and thankfully now I'm Toxo-free but our doctor strictly still forbid me from having any uncooked food until I'm pregnant and gave birth. We were also been advised to not consume too many seafood (besides fish), no junk food (bye bye KFC), and nothing with preservatives like instant noodles, canned or frozen food.

That's why I have been limiting my self to my food hunting hobby and more on clean eating right now. I do miss it sometimes, but this is important for me, for us. On whether I'll be pregnant or not, besides Him, who would know? But at least I know that we are giving our very best on pursuing it.

I'm not saying that I'll stop blogging or posting on my Instagram, it just wont be as intense as previously. I'm not going to be like immediately go to any new restaurants in town like I used to do, probably more selective on choosing which one to visit or not to.

Another thing is, being blogging absence for a while and getting back on it today makes me reminded that blogging is really not as easy as what some people might think. You need commitment, and an amount of time to do the writing and photo editing. It's a privilege knowing that some of you spent time to visit and read my babbling. So, really, I mean it, from the bottom of my heart, when I write, thank you for reading at the end of all my posts, I really really really mean it. Thank you for reading!

-Life is about options. You win some, you lose some.-

Until next thoughts,