Monday, January 11, 2016


Viverri definitely gives no reason for people to not wanting to come in, even for non coffee person as me. The strategic location, the monochrome, the fact they serve all day breakfast, you name it. They are not exactly newbie. This new Muara Karang outlet is their second outlet after the first one in Pluit. The first outlet is located inside house complex, petite and only serve coffee. Their second outlet is much bigger with wider menu serving all day breakfast and light snacks as well.

I gotta say, the strategic location right in the intersection of Muara Karang main street is such a smart choice, not to mention, the pretty monochrome design with the white bricks, black touch and natural wood furniture, why so pretty?

The system here is, you order and pay at the counter, then your orders will be delivered to your table. Except the crazy hot air con (I really hope they'd do something about it), me likey the design and welcoming ambiance. From the counter with the full board menu, the murals, the stripey couches and of course, the glass windows with natural lights. 

The second floors is for smokers. I did go upstairs to take some pictures but couldn't get the whole interior as one of the area was covered with boxes. 

As my bestie and I had a full day planned that day (if you follow me on Snapchat ivys_life, you'd know), we only had one of their brunch menu to share. As someone who's not into coffee but sometimes kepo want to hang out in one, I am always excited to find one that serves not only coffee and Viverri's has quite a selection from their all day breakfast's, truffle fries and nachos as some of their light snacks, and oh the doughnuts on the display rack were pretty tempting too.

We settled on Full Monty (45k). I simply can't say no to scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms. I'm a huge fan of mushrooms. Like any kind, any how. 
We also had their Iced mocha cream (40k) and Iced rose tea. The iced mocha was pretty good, the coffee was bold without being too strong with mocha flavor blended in.

When the Full Monty was served, the presentation was pretty standard and the portion was small. I mean, well for a 45k only, I don't expect it to be huge, but maybe use a smaller plate if you're going to serve the portion almost half size of the plate, or  put some rocket leaves to fill in the empty side of the plate, just my two cents. Luckily flavor wise, except for the chicken sausage that was bland and mushy, we quite enjoyed everything on plate, from the soft scrambled eggs until the crisp toasted baguette.

Seeing how my bestie live at the complex just behind the coffee shop, I'm pretty sure I'll have another Viverri visit. 

Thank you for reading, y'all, always. :)

Jalan Muara Karang Raya No. 15
(Across of Super Indo)
North Jakarta
IG: @viverricoffee
Price range: 20k - 65k

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