Monday, September 3, 2012

Paradise Inn Jakarta

Couple months ago, I received an invitation from Paradise Inn for their soft opening blogger gathering. Unfortunately, I can't go due to other appointment. When I read all the positive comments reviewed by several fellow bloggers, I was very much intrigued to try yet only until last month during Indonesia's independence day that I finally went there for a family dinner.

If I remember correctly, the place took former location of Red Pepper in the basement level of Plaza Indonesia. Paradise Inn is under Boga group which is the group behind Paradise Dynasty and Taste Paradise, not to mention the other famous Bakerz Inn, Ten TenSushi Tei and Pepper Lunch. However, unlike the other two "Paradise", they came in much smaller space although the concept was still carefully designed. I especially adore their beautiful blue flower lantern light.

Looking through the menu, it appeared to me that Paradise Inn seems to serve more to casual Chinese dining. The menu was not really have much variety and they might be one of the quite upscale Chinese restaurant with no dimsum options. Here are what we ordered that night: 

Jasmine, Osmanthus, dried longan & chrysanthemum (25k per person) Benefits: Nourishes heart and spleen, strengthens eyesight and improves immune system. 
Sliced tea smoke duck (68k)  I didn't like this one. It was tender but to me tasted more like ham.
Crisp fried crystal prawns with salted egg yolk (78k) This one was perfect. The egg yolk blend perfectly with the crunchy prawns.
Sauteed venison with ginger and spring onions (88k) This one was also good. It was actually my first time trying venison, I'm glad the meat was very tender.                                   
Hotplate tofu with preserved "cai xin" and minced pork (38k) Also nice. Nicely seasoned with a tin layer of eggs on the bottom of the hotplate. 
Chicken claypot (48k) I like this one very much, salty in a right way, nicely cooked, the chicken was crunchy and well seasoned.
In my opinion the small portion was way too small. Family comes with 4 pax or more should definitely go with the medium size. However, I do think Paradise Inn serves a good Chinese food with quite affordable prices. It surely can be a good option for a nice family meal.

Paradise Inn
Plaza Indonesia Level Basement 
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-33
Ph. +6221 29923848
Other outlets: Mall Puri Indah, Baywalk Pluit Mall

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