Sunday, September 9, 2012

B-Side Wakai Cafe

Last week, I went to Plaza Indonesia by my self. A menswear which my hubby likes was having a 50% off and that was my visit's purpose until I spotted a new cafe connected with a Japanese fashion's brand, I remember a fellow blogger, Cindy, reviewed it a while ago on her blog so I decided to stop by for a quick bites. 

I like how they did with the place, very "recycle" look a like with all the natural wooden furniture. The display near cashier showcase several selections of baked mochi, Japanese layer cakes and green tea cakes. I ordered a set of 3pcs Chewy baked mochi (24k) and a cup of hot Lemon mint tea (17k). The baked mochi comes in five flavors; Vanilla, red bean, peanut butter, nutella and green tea. I chose peanut butter, nutella and red bean.

I wonder what took them quite a while to serve the mochi as I thought they'd serve it directly from the display. Turns out when it was delivered, the mochi was warm as they heated it first and trust me when I say they were delicious! I love how chewy they were, and when I tore them into two, the generous filling burst out. Yummy! They were all tasty but if I had to choose, I will say I like the peanut butter & nutella the best. I mean... come on, who can say no to peanut butter & chocolate? Literally, if I don't care about what the scale shows, I will eat skippy & nutella every single day!
Personally, I would recommend having the baked mochi with a cup of hot tea like what I did that day. I never use any sugar on my tea so the sweetness from the mochi was a perfect combination with the hot bitter tea. 

My plan to only have a quick visit turns into slightly longer, I really enjoyed my private moment there. I always have a soft spot for places with natural wood element, and this one personally comforts me. To add on my perfect afternoon bites, the service was flawless. Luv! 

B-Side Wakai Cafe
Plaza Indonesia 4th flr Blok D06
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Ph. +6221 29923907

Other outlets:
- Kuningan City, G level
- Kota Kasablanka
- Gandaria City


Stephanie Nangoi said...

I'm a new follower on your blog, but I already love the way you describe the food. It was very descriptive, as if it's right in front of me.

elvina febriani said...

kmrn2 cmn sempet ngelewatin doang.. tempatnya ga gitu gede ya tapinya..

Ivy said...

@stephanie: thanksss glad u like it and thanks for following too! :)

@elvina: iya kecil soalnya cuman jual cakes2 gt, tp mochinya very worth to try.

Anonymous said...

wah isinya lebih banyak ya dibanding waktu gw beli.. gw di kuncit sih, isinya dikit :(

Ivy said...

@youseefood: oh ya? Aneh ya.. Hrsnya sama. Waktu itu makan sih isinya generous bgt.

Ivy said...
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Edwin Yang said...

di central park juga ada :D