Saturday, September 15, 2012

Grasshopper Thai

A very late post. I even almost forgot that I haven't review this one. About three months ago, I went with hubby to Alam Sutera, an area that we are very very and very seldom go to. Hence, I was very excited and I remember telling my husband that I wanted to eat at least at three different restaurants on the area. Guess how many we went that day? One, this was it. Grasshopper was the first place we went in and we didn't order much to ensure we have enough space for other food, we weren't full but after a scoop of Island Creamery's ice cream and Cha Time's bubble drink, we were bloated up.

Grasshopper Thai was a franchise restaurant which also has branches in Bangkok and Los Angeles. The interior concept was loveable, white vintage with chandelier gives a neat and chic ambiance. It was a Sunday afternoon and the place was not crowded, yet the service was slow and quite many items on the menu were sold out. With the limited options left, we chose Mango salad (24k), Tom yum goong (26k) and Pad kra pau (minced chicken with lime, thai basil and chilli) 30k. And yes, the food took quite some time to be served, luckily they were all tasted quite decent. We especially like the pad kra pau and I love the fact that they don't use any MSG on their food. 

Mango Salad
Tom Yum Goong
Pad Kra Pau
Thai Milk Tea & Ice Tea

In my opinion, the place serves a good and affordable Thai food. Hopefully, in the future the service can be upgraded.

Grasshopper Thai 
Flavor Bliss 2
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
Ph. +6221 29005060

Other outlets:
- Benton Junction, Karawaci (+6221 68888424)
- Jl. Suka Asih No. 1, Bandung (+6222 2031372)


Inez Fransisca said...

Ivy, udah lama bgt diriku mau kesana tpi blman mulu, lagi craving makanan thailand ahahah :p kayaknya pengen coba sambel manganya juga hohoh

Ivy said...

Klo lg craving thai food, cobain somboon aja. Lbh deket sm rumah lo kan? Dan lbh enak juga hehe

Andy Tjhin said...


Hlu // Ata said...

ooh ini franchise.. mo nanya Vy, pad kra pau tu kaya nasi tim ya? menggoda ^^ waktu itu gw makan pad thai nya enak & manggo sticky rice, pertama kali nyobain manggo sticky rice langsung ketagihannn, enak banget!

Ivy said...

@hiu/ ata: bukan nasi tim, jd dia tuh nasi putih biasa, di atasnya daging sapi cincang gt, jd nasinya keliat kaya agak coklat krn kuah daging sapinya. :) iyaaaa mango sticky rice enak bgt yahhhh cmn aku ga nyobain waktu itu di sini. Katanya sold out hari itu.

Ivy said...

Sori daging ayam, bukan sapi. :)