Thursday, September 27, 2012

Madame Lily

Thursday 5pm normally is not a time I will choose to go to Plaza Indonesia. The traffic to Thamrin - Sudirman area during that time on a weekday is famous for its capability in turning someone's happy mood to extremely fussy mood. No? Only me? Well...
Anyway, last Thursday was the first time I was willingly to do that and the only reason was because I'm meeting up with my girlfriends, one of my most favorite comfort moment. :)

The restaurant was a semi open air type, located in 4th floor of Plaza Indonesia just across Taste Paradise. I adore what they did with the design, it's very elegant chic, beautiful with white and silver as the color theme. It strikes me that the place will surely fit to be one of the place for the socialites to have their arisan (read: social gathering).

Madame Lily focus on Asian fusion type of food. Although most of the menus are Indonesian food, but some Asian fusion were seen on the dishes such as Spaghetti sambal matah, a mixed of Italian with touch of Indonesian's spices. There were 6 of us plus a very cute baby K that night, after seated we started to order. The staffs were extremely polite and friendly. However they were not being too attentive on the food serving. First on table was the Pisang bakar meisjes keju (Grilled banana served with chocolate sprinkles and cheese) 25k which was meant for dessert, then they forgot about our Chilli cheese fries (35k) which was supposed to be the appetizer. Some of our orders even were not our first choices, but due to their come and forth "we're sorry, but this item is sold out", so we have to go with whatever they have.

One thing I have to highlight about the food is the portion. They were ridiculous tiny! Trust me, I'm no exaggerating on this, but the six of us were really shocked when my Mie ayam bakso pangsit (traditional egg noodle topped with soy sauce minced chicken, served with dumpling and meatball) was served. It was so tiny, so different with the huge portion they have on the menu pictures, amazingly small portion that I think if the beautiful baby K can speak, she will also comment on how small it was. If it was meant for men, they will be able to finish the noodle in one bite. No kidding. And to add on the disappointment, they came with only 1 pcs of dumpling, 1 pcs meatball and some minced chicken and they charged it for 52,5k!!! I mean.. come on. It is so ridiculous! The taste was actually ok, enough seasoning, the noodle was cooked well, but the portion really did turn me off.

Mie Ayam Bakso Pangsit

My friend's Fried noodle (52,5k) and Bihun goreng (52,5k) were also came in small portion, although they were slightly bigger than mine. They looked like the usual bihun and mie tek-tek, but the flavors turns out to be good.

Mie Goreng
Bihun Goreng

One of my friend's husband chose Gulai Kambing (Lamb curry soup served with rice, crackers and pickles) 85k. Finally a dish with decent portion and he said it tasted delicious. No overly lamb smell, the curry color looked nice.

Gulai Kambing

Another two were the Bakwan Malang (Mixture of deep fried bakwan, meatballs, tofu, crispy wonton in clear chicken broth) 42,5k and Spaghetti sambal matah (Italian spaghetti fused with Balinese sambal) 54,5k. I actually like the bakwan's, the chicken broth was tasteful and well seasoned. The spaghetti also cooked well, al dente although I didn't feel the spiciness from the sambal matah. And oh yes, the spaghetti also came in tiny portion.

Bakwan Malang
Spaghetti Sambal Matah

The first came actually was the grilled banana. Decent portion with generous of cheese and sprinkle chocolates on the top of the grilled banana. It was ok, but the bananas were quite thick, so it felt a bit hard. For me personally, the highlight of the menu was the chilli cheese fries. The fries was baked covered in bolognaise sauce and melted cheese. I never like cheese, but this one was not over powering so it was ok, I felt like eating a layer of lasagna. It was delicious!
As I am still hungry after finishing the baby portion of chicken noodle, I ordered a slice of Madame mocca cake (40,5k) for share. The cake was a bit dry, but I think it was still ok as the layers of mocca cream were thick so it didn't feel to dry and I always like anything with chocolate sprinkles. *grin*

Pisang bakar meisjes keju
Chilli cheese fries

Will I be back? Well, I'm not sure... Overall, I love the restaurant's concept, the service was great despite the food serving's attentiveness. The food tasted okay, some I actually very like such as the chilli cheese fries. However, the portions really really didn't match the price and I don't appreciate the fact on how different it was between the pictures shown on the menu with the real one. I do hope they would do some improvement on the food portions.

Madame Lily
Plaza Indonesia 4th Floor
(Above Mi Item)
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Ph. +6221 29923868

Other branch: Mall Kota Kasablanka Ground Flr


Cend Woo said...

padahal tempatnya keliatan bagus ya . sayang , liat porsi nya yg super dikit gt dengan napsu makan saya yg besar bnr deh . such a turn off banget ..

Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

Looks always deceive and your photos actually nearly tricked me, if I didn't read every single lines that you wrote.

I can't help but to laugh reading your post, so hilarious! Mie Ayam Bakso Pangsit that costs a piece of my blue bill is just overboard! Haha!! ;)

cindy said...

gw ud intip2 pas baru buka & liat harga mie ayamnya itu langsung bikin ga tertarik. apalagi nasi gudeg nya, 68rb!!! untung blon cobain, baca postingan loe dengan porsi kecil waduhhhhh

Ivy said...

@cendwoo: men definitely need 2 portions. Tapi dicoba aja siapa tau mereka uda improve porsi makannya. :)

@ellyna: ya lho... It was one of those heart pain moment to pay such price for baby portion.

@cindy: iyaaa g juga kaget cin pas buka menunya, soalnya kn jenis makanannya tergolong biasa tp koq mahal2 bener cmn g pikir ya secara di PI en tempatnya bgs bener, eh ternyata kuciwa sm porsinya walau rasanya sbnrnya lmyn.