Monday, June 29, 2015

Ivy's Thought: Inspiration In Need

Many people who don't really know me always thought that my fond of food is what brings this blog to life. It's not entirely wrong as I do love food and I loveeee to eat. Food has always been one of my biggest weaknesses.

However, when I created this blog, it's actually more of my passion on writing and I consider this blog to be the platform. Since I can remember, I have always love to write. Being a private person who takes privacy very strong, I don't really like to share about my life even to those who are close to me. Hence, when the feelings kept inside has exceed its quota, I find comfort in pouring it on writings, since then, writing has always soothed me. 

Being an occasional introvert, I grew up loving books way too much. During my teenage years, Mom said I always prefer books as gift rather than something else. My younger days are about Japanese comics, fiction and teen novels, but as I grew older, I find more comfort in reading non fiction and motivational books. 

I personally find reading enriches me in so many ways. It's amazing how you can learn and get motivated by people's writing.

Speaking of... 

I used to love to read one of local fashion bloggers' blog as I love her writings. She used to share a lot more personal and motivating stories. When she becomes more popular and start to write less on motivating stories and more into commercial, I stopped following her blog. It's nothing personal, I understand some bloggers would be more commercial when there's opportunity and money's involved. It's not wrong. After all, money is not everything but everything needs money. Though I personally wish she wouldn't change that much and keep writing more personal and enlighting posts instead of only about endorsements and paid advertisements. But again, it's a blog and people can write whatever they want with their own.

Anyway, the reason I wrote the post was to ask for any recommendation on a good blog you think I should be following. Something with inspirational and motivating writings works well with me. I would really appreciate the suggestion, if any. You can write me at Thank you so much!

Desperately need to be inspired, 



gadis dis said...

Hi Ivy!
i love reading this
she's indonesian currently lives with her little family way away in Dallas. i love her post when she talks about life and really love her latest post "God Bless America"
hope you like it :)

SeorangPrempuan said...

rekomen dr gue nih vy :

kali aja ada yang lo demen yah hehehe

Ivy said...

@gadis and amel: Thank you! Will definitely look into them! :)

Tifanny said...

Hi Ivy!
Love to read this post. I'm sorry I don't have any recommendation blog for you. Instead I want to ask what books do you recommend for motivation? Thank you so much!!

Stacia Priscilla said...

Ada bbrp blogs yg I think you'd enjoy reading them as much as I do ci :)

Hannah Gale - UK blogger, likes to condense her thoughts into lists, writes mostly about everyday + practical lifestyle stuff (

20-Nothings - Mulai dari blogging utk sharing2 ttg quarter-life crisis dia sampe skrg udh byk sharing her career as a freelance writer + blogging tips (she even has her own love/sex column) (

Note to Self - Sering posting inspirasi, sering recommend produk2 art, culture, lifestyle yg menarik + unik, basically notes to self yg relatable bgt, apalagi web design nya rapii bgtt. (

Hope you enjoy :)

Fili Yelny said...

Hi, I am not sure if you have read these blogs, but here are some of my favorites:

filicia | Candy After Dinner

Ivy said...

Hi Tiffany... Recently I find these 2 books to be motivating enough. Off the script by Giuliana rancic and 365 days of wonder by RJ Palacio. :)

Stace! Thank you! Since we both love to reads, can't wait to browse the link you mentioned. :)

Hi Filicia... I haven't. Thanks! Will definitely check the blogs. :)

W.A.F.L said...

Hi Ivy

You have a great blog! happy to stumble upon it again. If you like motivational book you might know this already but this is one of the best inspirational blog in my opinion (kinda the only one I follow too)

Not sure if you have read them, the best motivational book I've read:
- The New Earth (Eckhart Tolle)
- The Happiness Project (Gretchen Rubin)

Ivy said...

Ah thanks! I hv read the happiness project but not the other one yet. Will look into it, many thanks. :)