Friday, July 3, 2015

Llao Llao Central Park Jakarta

Froyo sucker, be happy as Llao Llao is here in town! 

Jakarta residents who travel frequent to Singapore might be familiar with Llao Llao, but for you who don't know what the heck is Llao Llao, they were founded in 2009 in Spain and not long since the brand has become utterly popular frozen yogurt not only in its origin country but also in other 13 countries where Llao Llao branches out. 

When froyo becomes such a trend in Jakarta brought in by Sour Sally several years ago, it might only a food trending moment for some people, but for me personally it still is one of my favorite guilt free calories. 

As someone who is a big fan of froyo, I'm excited in welcoming Llao Llao with its first outlet at Central Park. Their froyo only comes with one original flavor in different serving sizes. The cups one come in small (39k) with free one topping and one sauce and medium (49k) with two toppings and one sauce. If you just want to have a little taste of them, have the petitllao (25k), the smallest cup. 

Their popular one is Sanum (58k). The froyo comes with 3 fruit toppings, 2 crunches and 1 sauce. You can choose your favorite but if you're Llao Llao's first timer, go for the Sanum with dark chocolate sauce and get ready to be hooked! 

Honestly, when it comes to overseas' franchise brand, I am not someone who likes to compare one with their original, but if I may, I find the froyo here to be a bit creamier and comes with more milky taste than the one I had in Spore. And eerr, splurge on the crunch and sauce please!

Let me know what your thoughts. :)

Happy yogurtarian signing off, 


Llao Llao 
Mall Central Park LG flr 
Jl. Letjend S. Parman Kav 28 
West Jakarta 
IG/Twitter: @llaollao_ind


Sarah Constance said...

what do you mean by 58k? 58 kcal?

Rena Rien said...

58k = 58.000 (using IDR)