Monday, July 20, 2015


So, who's with me on how irritating the new parking rules at PIK? I swear, I find myself getting less and less tired coming here. Finding a parking spot here has always been a hassle and now they come with this annoying new parking route. I know they are trying to find a better solution, but I just don't see it that way. Anyone's with me or am I just being grumpy?  

Hence the lack of posts lately either at the blog or instagram, I managed to drag Hubs to this newly opened dessert house at PIK couple days ago and now forcing myself to write. Can't believe I use the word "force" when writing is one of my passion. Problem is, this year has been so exhausting, especially these couple months. Hubs and I are finally moving to our new house (YAY!). By right, we're supposedly having joy over the moon but with the mentally and physically tiredness, we hardly feel it. All we want is having back our quality free stress time! Never thought renovating and moving can be soooo mentally tired! 

Anyway, D&K is a dessert house coming from Hong Kong focusing on HK style desserts and several savory snacks. The exterior is what attracts me on coming in at first. I always love "glass house" kinds of design, and the squirrel which I later found out named KIM certainly a cute catch. Interior wise is quite playful with the swinging chairs and decorated hanging lamps. 

The menu itself is quite vary on the desserts selections. Though they were from HK, many of the desserts replicate more on Japanese and Taiwanese style from the shaved ice, pancake, the ice cream and yogurt, honey toast and many more. 

We tried the Mint chocolate shaved ice (37k) and Winter lovers sundae (36k) and find them both pretty standard. They were not bad, the shaved ice comes with soft texture with strong minty taste. I do like how the mint compensate the overpowering chocolate though it didn't leave any memorable aftertaste. 

As for the Winter lovers sundae, tasty strawberry ice cream with yogurt mixed with rice krispy cereal on the bottom. Overall it was okay but if I may suggest, adding more toppings and sauce onto the sundae will make it tastier. It's all about topping nowadays! 

Out of what we ordered that day, my pick of the day would have to be the Grape fruity mix tea (27k). The grape essence was not overly sweet blended well that we can still taste the tea scent with chunks of fresh fruits. 

All in all, Welcome to the traffic neighborhood, D&K! 

D&K Dessert 
Ruko Cordoba Blok E No. 5
(Next to Matsuzaka Steakhouse)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
IG: @dkdessert
Price range: 25k - 43k

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