Thursday, July 23, 2015


Djati Bistro Drinkery is a relatively new petite bistro located inside Oria hotel at Menteng. The bistro has just opened for two months. If its not because of them, honestly, I didn't even know there's a hotel named Oria existed. =)

It's odd to find such carefully pretty designed bistro inside a not so fancy hotel in the also non glamorous neighborhood. I liked the overall design of the bistro the second I stepped inside. The semi industrial look with the monochrome flooring works alright for me. It always a nice feeling to stumble into a dining with good ambiance. If possible, sit at the corner blue couch, perfect cozy spot. 

Djati Bistro mainly serves Indonesian food ranging from 35 to 125k. Affordable seeing you hardly find any main course priced under 100k at cafes around South.  

Mie Ayam Champignon (55k) 
Homemade egg noodle with toppings diced chicken and champignon mushroom with fried dumpling and chicken broth. 

Good texture of noodle with generous cuts of diced chicken. The chicken was tender with pretty big chunks, champignon mushroom was okay, and the fried chicken dumpling was crunchy and non greasy. The thing is the flavor itself was a bit lack of seasoning, so we need to ask for some chili padi and it works well after that.

Bakmi Kangkung (55k) 
Traditional noodle with sweet kangkung vegetables sauce accompanied with toppings diced chicken and shrimps. 

We didn't really find anything special on this one. I feel a good mie kangkung should comes with a bit dense and thicker sauce to have that kinda slimy texture, theirs was just too diluted. Kudos on the tender and generous chicken toppings though.
Unlike my usual iced tea or mineral water, I went ahead with one of their mocktails, Apple tree (40k), mix of apple, lemon and ginger ale. The mocktail was refreshing without too much of soda water that tends to make you feel gassy. 

I enjoyed the ambiance they have, and I believe the food have room for improvement. Do I see myself coming back here? Well, I didn't see that "it" factor to make me want to come back for second visit but I don't see why not if I happen to be in the neighborhood, to just chill and relax with a glass of mocktail in that particular comfy corner. 

Djati Bistro Drinkery 
Oria Hotel 
Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 85
Menteng, Jakarta 
Ph. +6221 3101090
Opening hours: 11am - 12mid 
IG: @djati.drinkery

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