Monday, December 26, 2011


My best friend bbm me on Christmas eve telling me that she was in Senayan City and many tenants were having year end sale, 50% all items plus another 20% if we have a certain credit card. I was tempted, so yesterday I dragged my husband to Senci. I don't normally ask my husband to accompany me on shopping, I am more comfortable doing shopping by my self or with my girl friends, but in between our Christmas dinner date and the last day sale of 1 tenant that I happen to like, no choice I have to dragged him with me.

Senci was super crowded, we were lucky of getting 2 seats for Sherlock. After wandering in some selected tenants, I ended up not getting anything. Not sure whether nothing caught my eyes or I was just swamped with the crowd. Anyway, we were having trouble on deciding where to eat so we went for one of the place that never failed us, Spageddies. 

The place was full house, we waited around 15 minutes before our names got called. We skipped the appetizer and dessert and went for 3 main courses, and end up on not finishing them. =( 

Pan Seared Scallop (150k) - A plate of fettucini with scallop in Neapolitan sauce. Not a fan, presentation was messy and so was the taste. The scallop was lack of seasoning, and the sauce was all over the plate, too much that the pasta tasted too sweet. 

Rotisserie Chicken (80k) - Half chicken roasted with Spaghetti Aglio Olio. Originally the side dish was with potatoes but the waiter asked me whether I want to have Aglio instead. Of course I said yes as I always love their aglio.I can't really say anything about the chicken, it was ok but a lil bit dry.

Grilled Rib Eye Steak (175k) - Another disappointment. To me the price was so not worth it for that kind of steak. The meat were chewy and thin. 

I was very disappointed on our dinner. Spageddies usually never failed us, maybe it had something to do with the overload customers although it wasn't even supposed to be a reason to have low quality. The highlight of our meal last night was only the aglio.

Senayan City level4
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Ph. +6221 72781088

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Canteen had been one of my favorite place to dine. Nowadays, most of the new dining places were only strong in the great design concept but lack of good menu. As someone who adores food, I love to try up on new restaurants, but rarely back for the second time, as I said most of them give more thought on the design rather the food. In my humble opinion, Canteen is not one of those places. It's one of the place that I had been keep on coming for regular dine. To me, their food and service had never let me down. Although don't come here when you are super hungry as you could fainted before your meal come. One of the thing I don't like about Canteen is the food serving took forever. 

Anyway, I always went to the one in Plaza Indonesia. One night, my husband and I went to their Pacific Place branch. We sat in the front as inside was meant for smoking only. On our way, I knew that I wanted to have their Risotto with duck and mushroom, but when I looked at the menu, it was not in it and the menu book was also not the same like the one at PI. I asked the waiter and turns out some of their menus were different for each branch, and the one I was craving about only available in Canteen PI. The risotto they have was Mushroom Risotto (60k), so my husband ordered it and I chose Australian Sirloin 200gr with baby potatoes (110k). We skipped the appetizer and dessert as we wanted to try the Homemade Lasagna (60k). 

Mushroom Risotto - I don't really like the risotto, it was seasoned well but it was watery and quite mushy. Very different with the one in PI. 

Australian Sirloin - The meat was not that juicy but it was still grilled well and I loved the crunchiness of the baby potatoes.

Homemade Lasagna - I didn't taste the lasagna from the top as it had cheddar all over it, but the minced beef and the sauce was delicious and generous. The pasta layers were not too thick so it was good. 

Overall as I said, Canteen had never failed me but somehow I feel I had better meals in their Plaza Indonesia's branch.

Pacific Place Level 4
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52 - 53
Ph. +6221 57973742

Monday, December 5, 2011

[RELOCATED] Bobabits by Auntie Betsie

A friend of mine told me about this recently opened bubble tea and Taiwan street snacks named Bobabits in Pantai Indah Kapuk. As soon as I heard, I have this urge to try it immediately. I always am fan of bubble tea and to add Taiwan street snacks into it just make me want to try even more. So this afternoon, on my way to PIK hospital to get my medical check up result, I stopped by at Bobabits for a take away.

The place was located few ruko away from Smokey Ribs. As I parked my car in front of Bobabits, I saw this cute patio design with green chairs and white table with big umbrella in each table. Stepping in, the place was dominated with white and green. Cute was the first thing popped in my mind looking at the interior of the place. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lemon on DRESSCODE Magz: December

December is coming! 

How I felt about December is always pro and cons. I don't like it that again another year will soon be passing away and that time flies so quick, but I couldn't help to feel excited on the Christmas joy. Although I don't celebrate Christmas but I somehow always love everything about it. The songs, Santa Claus, all the red and green decorations. 

Almost a year ago, We were having our honeymoon during Christmas and New year period. It was winter, even it was so freakin cold, I was very happy to have my first white Christmas. Still capture in my mind the streets were covered with big Christmas tree, red and green were everywhere with too many Santa Claus waving on us. Don't you just love Christmas? 
Too bad Indonesia is not one of the city who make big fuss about Christmas so I won't be seeing any big Christmas tree decorations. =( 

Anyway, buying trip is coming. I will be off until Dec 11th. However CLOSET 7 will be launched a little bit late as after my buying trip, I will be away on a holiday. Yes... Mama Lemon needs a break. ;) 

See you soon ladies with my upcoming gorgeous CLOSET 7!

Bakmi Tan

One morning, me and hubby were craving for a nice noodle breakfast. We were thinking to go for the safe road... You know the old time favorite where we know it will never disappoint us, Bakmi Aloi. But I remember I crossed something new when I was driving around Pluit, so we drove there and turns out it was not something new but at least it was new to us as we haven't tried it before. Bakmi Tan was a branch from the popular one in Mangga Besar, and the one in Pluit Karang was a branch moved from Pantai Mutiara. It located just a few ruko away from Bakmi Babat Senen

As we stepped in, the place was almost empty with only 1 table occupied. We ordered two portions of noodle (20k) and 1 portion of beef meatball. The noodle came and it had quite generous amount of chicken chunks on the top along with dumpling crackers. I was relief that the noodle was thick and firm, it was quite good although I didn't find anything special to make me itch for a second crave. 

Bakmi Tan
Jl. Pluit Karang Utara 
(Next to Bank DKI, in line with Bapau A1)
North Jakarta

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kana's Delight

About a month ago, I was offered to join a bazaar at Regatta, Pantai Mutiara but due to the dates that were not really suited my schedule, I chose to not participate, but I did stop by to look around. On that bazaar, there was a stand that caught my eyes. And yes, it was something about food... Dessert to be exact. They have a banner with a very tempting puddings labelled Kana's Delight. Eagerly to buy, sadly they were out of stock.

Couple days after that, I did some searching on Facebook and found out their pages and website. Very excited to make an order, but the ordering part on the website seemed to be error as my order kept on unconfirmed. They didn't put any contact details except for the BB pin, but days gone by and my friend request was not accepted. I was ran out idea on how to order and then I remember the organizer's of the bazaar at Regatta, she should have Kana's contact. Yes, I was craving that much. Once I got the contact details, I quickly texted Kana's and the owner called me, very friendly and helpful. 

The minimum quantity to order for the pudding is 10 cups. They have 5 flavors: Coconut, Durian, Kiwi, Mango with soursop and Cempedak. So I ordered 2 cups of each flavors. By right, the puddings will be delivered 2 days after we made the orders as they make it based on order to keep the freshness, but I was lucky that day as they have stocks and can be delivered later at the same day. 

The price of the small cups is 15k for the coconut toppings, while for the other 4 toppings cost 20k. The pudding have 3 layers: bottom layer was jelly, second layer was the topping and the top layer, they put chocolate shavings, which was unique and really bring sweet flavor on the pudding itself. The owner told me their favorites are coconut and durian toppings. For my personal taste buds, I loved the durian one. It was to die for. They really put the real durian fruit as the topping, not some ice cream or durian cream flavor like some durian's pancake filling. As for the rest of the topping, I didn't really fancy them, but everyone has their personal favorites. Even though the price is quite expensive for a small cup of puddings, but the durian one was worth it. =) 

Besides pudding, they also sell risoles. I was going to order at that time but immediately changed my mind when the minimum order for the risoles is 15pcs. I do hope they could make some arrangement to lower on the minimum order, so that for someone with small family like me can enjoy it without worrying how to finish the left over one. ;)

Kana's Delight 
Ph. +628159503655

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Q's and Life

I was never that girl who wanted to get married in a young age. It's nothing against those who got married young, it's just not something that I want. On my second year of my relationship with my hubby (boyfriend, at that time), I remember my mom kept on pushing me to get married and I kept on telling her that it's not the time yet. It's not because I was having doubt, but more to the fact that I just don't wanna get married yet, I was not sure whether it had something to do with mom and dad pampered me too much that I was having a very good time on being single, or I was just one of those people who had these weird thoughts that wedding will just change everything.

On the third year of our relationship, he proposed. Of course, I said yes. Even though hesitation of having him to spend the rest of my life with never crossed my mind, still as I prepared my wedding, there was a slightly fear of how my life will be once I'm married. At that time, I was thinking how can I be someone's wife when at some point I am still childish, how marriage will change my life, will I still be having my own me time, and the biggest questions... will my marriage life be better than my single life? All those Q's... all those worries.    

And today, 20 - 11 - 2011, is our 1 year wedding anniversary. As I looked back who I was as a single woman, all those questions and worries I have back then, I realize all were just process. As much as I love him, as much as I have faith on having him as my husband, but still marriage life is a new life, something that was natural for a woman to have fear of before we experience it our self, when those WIFE title attached on us. At that time, by God's blessing, we know that we made a right decision. I know I am. I'm not here to say that I have a perfect marriage. I always think that the definition of perfect is different for everyone and if we want to compete with the actual definition of perfect, there will be no end to that, as someone will always have more than us, more money, bigger house, more family traveling time, and goes on. To me, I am satisfied by having a perfect marriage in my own definition. My husband makes me laugh and constantly do his best to make me happy, to me it's enough to be called perfect.

I am not someone who likes to make a big fuss on how stupidly in love I am, or how great is my partner is, believe me I'm just not. All those tweeting and status updates on FB and BBM to show the world how my feeling at the moment is simply just not me. I am quite secretive, but you know what... screw it... Today is my wedding anniversary and I've been having a blast, so I am going to say this: 

I love you dear, always have... always will. Happy 1 year anniversary!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lemon's closet 6 - LOOK BOOK

It had been a super lazy month for me. Many things to do, super busy but all were done in very extremely lazy mood. There were times where I even feel so lazy to even reply incoming BBMs. Luckily I could put behind those lazy moments and bring my self back in focus for Lemon's CLOSET 6 which will be launched on Monday, November 21st at 6pm only at:

Stay tune dear! =)

Chef's Table by Din Tai Fung

Last Saturday, I was on my way to one of my friend's house when I passed Emporium Pluit and saw the signage of a new restaurant just opened, Chef's Table by Din Tai Fung. The later night, I went there with my parents and hubby. It was located on the 4th floor across Stickhouse & food court. As expected, new restaurant must be lined up with people, luckily the wait list was not too many so we decided to wait. 

There's nothing really to say about the interior of the place. It was white, sleek and clean. They didn't really put effort to make a special design, and just like other Din Tai Fung, they have an open kitchen only for the chefs making Xiao Long Bao.

Around 15 minutes, we got our table. Originally we were thinking to have Chinese main dishes, but looking through the menu, they didn't have too many selections on it, so we thought we just order their Lamien and Xiao Long Bao, both they were famous of, along with several dishes. We asked for Steamed pork dumpling -6pcs (49k), Braised lion head with salted egg yolk ala Shanghai (38k), Tofu with salted egg yolk (55k), Tom Yum seafood noodle soup (55k), Cha Jiang noodle (43k), Roast duck noodle (58k) and Chilli prawn udon (60k). For the noodle, we can opted regular one or spinach one. My mom and hubby chose spinach one for their Cha Jiang & Roast duck noodle, while dad sticks with the regular one for his Tomyum seafood noodle soup.

The orders didn't took look to be served, and surprisingly the service for a soft opening restaurant turns out to be very good and polite. The Cha jiang & roast duck noodle came first and they put it in a plate instead of bowl, I'm not good with food plating and decoration, but I think it will be nicer if they served it in a bowl. Serving those small portion noodle in a wide plate just making it look even smaller portion. Tom yum seafood noodle came in a bowl because it was a wet noodle. All the noodles tasted quite ok, it was not superb but not bad either, well seasoned not tasteless like the typical Lamian I had at Din Tai Fung. There was no difference though between the spinach and regular one, only the color.

Cha Jiang Noodle
Roast duck noodle

Tom yum seafood noodle

The lion braised and tofu came. I'm not sure why they called it lion braised with salted egg yolk as I didn't see any egg yolk for sure. Mom said that braised lion was a popular dish in Taiwan and she liked it when she ate it there, not feeling the same thing as eating the one they had here. I don't know whether they just can't cooked or my mom just simply had a weird taste with the braised lion she had in Taiwan, as this one was not good at all. As she's my mom, I will just put it simple by saying they were the one who can't cook. =) Basically it was rounded minced meat cooked with oyster sauce. Fortunately, the tofu with egg salted yolk was the hero for our night. I loved the soft Japanese tofu covered in salted egg yolk. Although, I thought that 55k was quite high for a tofu but I didn't complain when I ate 3 of them, it was yummy.

Braised Lion Head with salted egg yolk
Tofu with salted egg yolk

The steamed pork dumpling was nice, after all it was what they were famous for in the first place. The dumpling skin came in the right thickness, not too thick, also not too thin that easily ripped off.

Steamed pork dumpling
Finally, my udon came and it was as expected. On the picture from the menu book, it looked dark brown as how a fried udon supposed to be, however turn out they cooked the Udon with sweet sour sauce, so it tasted and looked like pasta. Me not likey but mom thought it was not bad.

Chilli prawn udon

Overall, with a 20% discount due to soft opening, it was not a bad dinner, it's just didn't came through on my expectation. I might be back for some light breakfast, Xiao Long Bao with Chinese tea. But not for dinner. Well, a plate of Tofu with salted egg yolk wouldn't hurt. 

Chef's Table by Din Tai Fung
Emporium Mall Level 4 unit 39
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29071918

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sate Babi Johan

My parents and I went for a casual dine at Pantai Indah Kapuk's fresh market. On my way there, My mom and I were thinking to have our usual Bubur Ayam Cirebon, but when we passed Sate Babi Johan and saw the crowds, we changed our plan and my dad tagged along.

As I remember, previous they only served Bakut Sayur Asin and Sate Babi, but now they have more varieties in their satay selections, they have sweet pork satay, liver satay, skin stay, etc. We ordered 20 pcs satay mixed of each satay and a portion of Bakut Sayur Asin (21k). The price range for the satay was from 1,5k - 3,5k each. 

I like the satay, the meat was tender but some of them was too dry, I think it depends on how they grilled. Anyway, we all agreed the liver one was the best. As for the Bakut sayur asin, to me the broth was supposed to be more sour. But overall, it was acceptable and I don't mind to come back. 

Sate Babi Johan 
Food Plaza Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 97061515

Friday, November 11, 2011

Taiwan Dian Xin

After reading the review on Anak Jajan, I was very eager to try as I love Taiwan snack and can never get enough of bubble tea. As Pluit Village was not far from my home, I went there with my best friend on a weekday afternoon. The joy of not having to work 9-6. ;) 

My friend was not that excited as she said she had passed that place several times and the menu on display wasn't even looked interesting, but stubborn drooling me insisted! I ordered the Taipei 101 combo (45k) for sharing where we can picked 1 main dish + 1 side dish + 1 drink. We chose Mushroom combo as the main dish, crispy corn for the side and bubble milk tea for the drink. For me, I added a Taiwan winter melon tea (12k). 

Just like Shilin, I think the seasoning powder was way too many MSG, the kind of snacks that are not good to be eaten too many times. The mushroom was covered with too many flour, while I found the corn was quite ok. I was not crazy about them, but overall it was not bad. Couple days later, I went to Pluit Village for another purpose and stop by for their Osmantheus Tea (12k) and Crispy chicken popcorn (22k). Comparing between Taiwan winter melon tea and Osmantheus tea, I like the second one better as it was more refreshing, winter melon was too sweet for my taste. From my 2 visits, I think their beverages were better than the snacks.

Taiwan Dian Xin 
Pluit Village Level 4
North Jakarta 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Revisited: Pesto

Saturday night, we went to Pesto for dinner. It surprised me when we reached there and they were not as full as they always do, although I did saw many reserved signs on the tables. Pesto had 2 dining sessions, 7 - 9pm and 9 - 11pm. I was glad that it was not too full, in the hoping that the service will be faster.

Here's what we ordered.

Pizza Rustica (59k) - Tomato sauce, mozarella, cooked ham and mushroom. To me, it was standard and a bit too dry.

Spaghetti Farmeti (65k). Generous condiments, the pasta was cooked well, but I don't like the wine sauce. But it's only because of my taste, I prefer dry spaghetti aglio type.

Spiedini di carne (85k) - Grilled sirloin skewered with onion and fresh salad. The beef was tender and juicy, the only minus point was too small portions. ;)

I actually ordered a Panacotta for my dessert, but it didn't show up. We had asked 3 times for it until I lost my patience and decided to ask for the bill. After paying, I asked for a comment card as I was very disappointed on the service that Pesto served that night, when the waiter saw me writing on comment card, he asked me whether my panacotta had been served, I said not yet, and right after I finished writings, my panacotta was served, but I was to pissed to eat it, so I didn't even bother to touch it and just leave without putting any tips, something that I rarely did. So you can judge how pissed I am that night, especially before the waiter also mistakenly forgot to write down our Risotto.

I do hope it was only a bad night as I had great time in Pesto before, and I am still curious to try the killer Tiramisu. I'll be back, don't disappoint me again dear. =)

Thamrin Nine, UG floor
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 10
Ph. +6221 29937230

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nasi Pedes Little Ubud

Heard so many friends of mine talking about this spicy rice which according to them, more or less like the famous Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika in Bali. I didn't really like Ibu Andika's spicy rice, to me it was very standard and cannot understand why it can be such a big hit. Anyway, one day I went there and try the spicy rice. It was located along the famous Ruko Cordoba right beside Papa Ron's. They have a stall outside the restaurant where trays of dishes were displayed, so we can choose directly and after than we were given a piece of paper written the value of food we chose. Very similar with Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika. 

I chose bitter melon, shredded chicken and crunchy chicken skin to paired with my rice (14k). My friends were right, it was good. It actually same like those ordinary mixed rice can be found anywhere, but I like this one. The chili was good and HOT, and they cooked all the dishes well. I like the crunchy chicken skin. 

To my taste buds, I prefer this one way more than Andika's, plus I don't need to fly to Bali.

Will be back shortly. =)

Nasi Pedes Little Ubud
Ruko Cordoba Blok G No. 2
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lemon on DRESSCODE Magz: November

Busy busy busy! Endure Ivy... Busy is good... busy is good. 

I am finally home today. This week I had been very tied up. Even I have tons of things I wanted to write, I don't have the time yet put it simple I am so tired that I can't even type anything out from my mind. All I know I am sleepy and missing my bed. My mission today... Sleep all day until the time for MasterChef 7pm tonight. So adios... I will be writing soon. Just not today. 

Lemon's ad for this month. I haven't saw the one on the magz, but I hope you all like it. New listing will be out soon. Love! =)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sinar Pagi

My mom's Sunday morning ritual is always waking up early to go to morning market and have breakfast with my dad. Even I never understood why on earth does anyone has to wake up that early on a Sunday, but I always thought it was sweet that my dad always accompanied my mom to the market, helping her carrying all the groceries, my mom loves to cook. You should see her refrigerator. 

Anyway, one of my folks' favorite breakfast was at Sinar Pagi in Muara Karang area. My mom said that the place developed from a small hawker in Muara Karang market into a Ruko near the area and always filled up with loyal eaters. One morning, mom told me that she wanted to have Lontong Sayur for her breakfast, so we went to Sinar Pagi. My mom ordered Lontong Sayur (18k) and I went for their Nasi Sayur with beef rendang (22k). And yes, both were deliciously yumm. I liked it how the Lontong's broth was not oily and seasoned well, and they were being generous on the condiments for both lontong and the rice. 

When you happen to be in the neighborhood, this place was a recommended breakfast place, not everyday though if you want to live a healthy life. ;)

Sinar Pagi 
Jl. Muara Karang Raya 
Enter from Toyota Showroom
North Jakarta 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beware and Be safe

This was a true story happened to me quite some time ago, I think around 3 years ago. I decided to write it in my blog in the hope that the story can be read by as many as people, in the hope that somehow after reading this people can be more aware, in the hope it will not be happened to anyone.

After the incident, I shared about this by sending massive emails to everyone at my Yahoo contact list, but lately I have been reading too many criminals news, too many broadcast message sharing about new types of deception that makes me want to blog about this. 

One morning, I was driving my dad to the airport. It was just the two of us. I parked my car at Departure parking lot Soekarno Hatta terminal 2E, second row beside an electricity pole. After we parked, I accompanied my dad entering the departure gate and after he went in, I walked to the parking lot to drive home. It was around 9 something in the morning. For the record, the parking lot was full with cars but not crowded with people. 

I got into my car, and thank God that it had become my habit that I always always lock the door the second I step in to the car, I never waited for the automatic lock. Just when I started up the engine, my window (the one in driver's seat) was getting knocked by a man, around 30s, polite appearance, like someone's driver. Bottom line, not looking like a bad person. I pressed the window button and let it open only an inch, just that I can hear what he was saying. More or less this was how the conversation went:

Man: (speaking politely) Miss, your back of the car, left side was broken. I think you accidentally hit the electricity pole when you parked the car earlier. 
Me: (in shocked) Really? how bad was it? 
Man: Quite bad, you should come down and see it. 
Me: (at that time, I don't have any suspicious towards that man as he was really looking like an ordinary normal driver type of person, but something just hold me to not get out from the car to check it out), so I said to him, "No need, thanks anyway", 
and I closed the window and was about to press the gas when another man knocking my other window (passenger side), and shouted but still in a polite way "You should really get out and check it first, as the damage was quite bad", I opened my window, again only an inch and said "No need, damage already, what need to be checked?" and I drove away. 

At that time, I was still not in any suspicious and the only thing that I think about was how bad was the damage and when should I bring it for insurance's claim. Approaching the exit ticket booth, there was quite a line of cars, and I decided to check on how bad was the damage. I got out from the car, went into the back and NOT A SINGLE SCRATCH was found. I got an instant goosebumps and quickly ran inside my car, lock the door and drive. 

It hit me, I was almost got trapped into a criminal deception case. Until this very day, I still really truly cannot imagine if at that time, I was in panic and trusted him to come down to check on my car, it was one thing if they only took my car and left, but what if they took me along? Gosh... If I remember that day, that incident, I still get the same goosebumps and I never stop thanking God for His guardian that He protected me that day and every single day. 

When we went on our honeymoon eleven months ago, there's a couple who now becoming a friend of us, and during one dinner, we were talking about all the criminal or deception cases mostly happen in Indonesia. The wife shared with me and my husband about the case above. I was surprised and told her that it was a true story happened to my self and that the broadcast email she received was originally from me. I am very glad that the email was broadcasted widely which is my true intention so as many as people can be alerted.

To all of you, boy or girl, anyone, please be extra careful. By posting this in my blog, I do sincerely hope all of you who happen to read this can help sharing this to all your friends and relatives. 

Thank you and be safe! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

The PlayGround

Saturday afternoon, me and my best friend went to the newest just opened restaurant at Plaza Indonesia named PlayGround. The place was located at the 4th flr extension near Ootoya. To me the design was nothing like playground, the only thing that was even close was there were several dining chairs hanging like a swing, other than that it didn't strike me as playground as the place was dark and none colorful. 

I asked the waiter for the specialty and he recommended to us from pasta selection, Katsutti (65k). It was like a donburi japanese rice topped with chicken katsu, egg and onion, but this Katsutti, instead of rice they used spaghetti. We followed the recommendation and order 1 Homemade abstract pizza (58k). The pizza topping changed daily and that day what they have was hmmm... something about cheese. I asked the waiter twice for the topping, but I still can't remember what he said. The bottom line, when the pizza came, I was dissapointed not because it was not good but it was a scary all cheese pizza and I can't eat anything dairy! Then the Katsutti came and again it has those dairy smell on the spaghetti, so I end up not touching both and my poor friend was forced to finish both, while on our way to Plaza Indonesia, she just told me that she was on diet. Hahaha

To ensure that I didn't ordering anything dairy again, I chose Good old american fried chicken (58k). It was a very standard fried chicken with rice and fries, nothing compare to my favorite junks, Colonel Sander's KFC. In my opinion, the only acceptable two things were the Bully iced tea (35k), an Iced tea with blueberry jam that very refreshing and unique. Another acceptable thing was the good service from the friendly waiter. Apart from that, I don't think the PlayGround was as enjoyable as the name. =) However, my friend who was a cheese lover said that the pizza was nice. 

Bully Iced Tea
Home Made Root Beer Float
Oh yes, I forgot to took picture of the interior. :( 

The PlayGround
Plaza Indonesia Extension 4th flr
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30