Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lemon on DRESSCODE Magz: November

Busy busy busy! Endure Ivy... Busy is good... busy is good. 

I am finally home today. This week I had been very tied up. Even I have tons of things I wanted to write, I don't have the time yet put it simple I am so tired that I can't even type anything out from my mind. All I know I am sleepy and missing my bed. My mission today... Sleep all day until the time for MasterChef 7pm tonight. So adios... I will be writing soon. Just not today. 

Lemon's ad for this month. I haven't saw the one on the magz, but I hope you all like it. New listing will be out soon. Love! =)


claradevi said...

Ivy! You have a blog as well. Keep on writing and goodluck for the shop!

Clara xx

Ivy said...

Thanks! =)