Friday, November 11, 2011

Taiwan Dian Xin

After reading the review on Anak Jajan, I was very eager to try as I love Taiwan snack and can never get enough of bubble tea. As Pluit Village was not far from my home, I went there with my best friend on a weekday afternoon. The joy of not having to work 9-6. ;) 

My friend was not that excited as she said she had passed that place several times and the menu on display wasn't even looked interesting, but stubborn drooling me insisted! I ordered the Taipei 101 combo (45k) for sharing where we can picked 1 main dish + 1 side dish + 1 drink. We chose Mushroom combo as the main dish, crispy corn for the side and bubble milk tea for the drink. For me, I added a Taiwan winter melon tea (12k). 

Just like Shilin, I think the seasoning powder was way too many MSG, the kind of snacks that are not good to be eaten too many times. The mushroom was covered with too many flour, while I found the corn was quite ok. I was not crazy about them, but overall it was not bad. Couple days later, I went to Pluit Village for another purpose and stop by for their Osmantheus Tea (12k) and Crispy chicken popcorn (22k). Comparing between Taiwan winter melon tea and Osmantheus tea, I like the second one better as it was more refreshing, winter melon was too sweet for my taste. From my 2 visits, I think their beverages were better than the snacks.

Taiwan Dian Xin 
Pluit Village Level 4
North Jakarta 


anakjajan said...

humm, tampilan mushroom gorengnya beda yah dg yg g pesan, yg punyamu cuma kelihatan tepungnya doang. G suka osmanthus tea nya :)

Ivy said...

yoi... punya g dptnya banyakan tepung drpd jamurnya :( iyahhh osmantheus nya enak. :) :)