Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tai Lei Loi Kei: Macau's most famous pork chop bun

One of the must eat in Macao beside the famous egg tart is definitely their pork chop bun. Basically it is a toasted bun with grilled pork chop. No lettuce, no cheese, no mustard, no tomatoes, just as simple as that yet so surprisingly well known that people quoted, you haven't go to Macao if you haven't taste their pork chop bun.

I am never someone whose into pork, so during my several trips to Macao, I have never interested in trying one. Last month Lebaran holiday was the first time I go to Macao with my hubby, and he is a true pork hardcore. So it was in my agenda to bring him to the Tai Lei Loi Kei, a place very famous for their homemade pork chop bun.

It was not hard to find the place. Obviously it is so well known that the taxi driver didn't find any trouble driving us there. It can be reached by bus as the place located very near bus terminus, but the receptionist at Venetian suggested to just go by taxi as it was very near from the hotel so it won't cost us much on the taxi fare. He was right, it only took not more than 10 minutes drive and MOP 20 from Venetian to Tai Lei Loi Kei.

I was expecting it to be a small diner where we can dine in while sipping a cup of tea. I was wrong! It was so... Well saying it humble would have been too nice. The place looked neglected, small house with unpainted walls, water leak's marks were seen in most of the ceiling and walls, poor lighting with cement floor. Don't expect to have table and chair to sit while enjoying the bun with your choice of beverage, as there wasn't any. People are expected to have it for take away or eat while standing. The crowds were massive and seem to don't mind at all to enjoy it directly standing in the dimmed slightly grubby old house.

We ordered 4pcs of pork chop bun (MOP 25), 1 for each. I was amazed with the big silver container near the lady, owner I supossed, which was use to keep all the payments, and it was piled with money. I sigh... The feng shui of the land must be very very very good. As I took a bite, nothing really mind blowing but after a few more bites, it started to kick in. The bun was crispy toast, pork chop was grilled with quite seasoning. As I mention earlier, it was a very simple dish, yet I found my self attached. Us to be exact, that we went back for the second time before we go back to Hong Kong.

People, when you come to Macau... Do visit and let me know if you're attached as well.

Note: 1 MOP = 1 HKD = Rp. 1230

Tai Lei Loi Kei
18, Largo Governardor Tamagnigi Barbosa
Taipa, Macau
(near bus terminus, on the corner of Rua do regeror & Rua corela de silva)
Opening hours: 8.30am - 6pm (porkchop bun only available 2pm onwards)
How to get there: By taxi or bus no. 11,15,22,28A,30,33,34 stop at Tin Hau Temple. 


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Wahhh, next time when i visit Macau, will try this for sure!!! Thanks for your recommendation. Cheers...

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