Friday, September 14, 2012

[CLOSED] Xi Men Ding

Xi Men Ding is a Taiwanese cuisine concept franchised from Singapore, brought to Jakarta by the same management who owns Pancious. The restaurant took the previous place of Hoka Hoka Bento at Senayan City. During their opening quite months ago, the place was reviewed in most magazines and media online in Jakarta and I have been wanting to come here since. Back then, when I went to Taipei for holiday, Xi Men Ding was one of the place I went several times. It was not a restaurant in Taipei, but more to a place mostly known as the Harajuku of Tai Pei. It is a pedestrian area which eventually emerging into street market fill with fashions to local street foods. The nickname of Taipei's Harajuku was given due to their major crowds for locals and tourists. 

However, my first visit was only happened one week ago. Why? One of the top reason, I hate the parking lot in Senayan City. Everytime I went there, it took me minutes to find the exit, their exit signs are everywhere, too many... too headache, and I need to go circles just to able to get myself out. 
Anyway, I like a dress at one of my favorite brand, Zara at Central Park but they didn't have my size, after checking, the SPG told me they still have my size at their Senci's outlet. So, last Sunday I finally went there with my mom for the dress and a lunch at Xi Men Ding.

The moment I stepped inside the place, I was surprised with its size and how neat the place was. It was not really designed in a grand kind of way, but I really like what they did with the place, with the bright lights dominated with brown and red colors with printed Taipei pictures lantern hanging all over the back dining. The place shouts comfortable and clean in every aspects.

Looking through the menu, we decided to go with the ones marked with chef's recommendation and these what we ordered, Oyster omelet (42k), San Bei Chicken (48k), French bean with sliced beef (55k) and Scallop fried rice (38k). The food surprisingly were served very prompt and in a quite huge portions, at least for both of us. At first, mom and I were reluctant on whether to order the oyster omelet or not, as most of the time, the oyster omelet we found in Jakarta mostly more like an egg omelet, the oyster could hardly be seen, but the one at Xi Men Ding were very generous with the oyster. It was cooked fried, dry and not oily at all. Although, personally I didn't enjoy it as it was not my kind of food, but my mom likes it quite much. 

Oyster Omelet
San Bei Chicken
French bean with sliced beef
Sallop fried rice

The san bei chicken was cooked with Chinese kind of liquor, sort of like type of chicken our mom will cook for us after the pregnancy. It was good, the saltiness and hint of liquor was nicely blend. My favorites of the day would be the french bean and the scallop fried rice. The french bean was unique, cooked dry fried, very crunchy, very delicious with generous slice of beefs. The fried rice was also very good, perfect seasoning. I love how they cooked all the dishes in a non greasy way, that when we finished the whole dish, we didn't see any oil left on the plate. We didn't managed to finish their oyster omelet, though so we asked them for take away. 

Mom and I were really satisfied with the lunch and the extremely polite service. I really recommend this place for a good Taiwanese cuisine. 

Xi Men Ding
Senayan City Level 4 unit 80
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 72781386


Anonymous said...

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Inez Fransisca said...

Ivy, menurut gw kok si xi men ding ga enak ya, krg gimana gt chineese foodnya hahahha :p

Ivy said...

Oh ya? G malah suka bgt nez. Sejak pertama g dtg minggu lalu, ud dtg 2x lagi. G suka ga oily gt masaknya.