Friday, September 7, 2012

Starbucks Autumn 2012 Media & Food Enthusiasts Gathering

Yesterday, several bloggers and I were invited to Starbucks' media & food enthusiasts gathering at Kota Kasablanka. As always, Starbucks comes with selections of their seasonal F&B and this time the gathering was held to introduce their Autumn's food & beverage. We were spoiled with kept on coming bread and cakes selections, not to mention their newest soon to launch Autumn blend coffee and Sea salt caramel mocha. 

Autumn Blend

Starbucks' Autumn blend is a combination of Sumatra coffee and Guatemala. The herbal yet mild flavor is best paired with salty type of food like the new Jalapeno cheese roll.

Smoked Chicken Apple on Sundried Tomato Foccacia (34k)

Foccacia bread toasted with tomato with mixed of smoked chicken, mixed salad, green apple, cheese slice and honey lemon dressing. The bread tasted savory although for my personal liking, I didn't really enjoy it due to the cheese thing. 

Sea Salt Caramel Mocha & VIA Red Velvet Cake Roll
Sea salt caramel mocha is one of the Starbucks' autumn seasonal drink. Caramel and mocha might be quite an usual thing, but the added of smoked sea salt and Turbindo sugar surely make the drink tastes unique. Combination of sweet and salty with a hint of bitterness. It came in hot, iced and frappuccino. The red velvet is not part of Autumn's food, it's from their Spring's collection. 

Purple Yam Coconut Cake (28k)

This one is my favorite among the Autumn selections. I normally don't enjoy anything too sweet, but I really like this purple yam. I like the coconut layer cream and the hint of coconut powder. And it comes in my favorite color! The cake was quite sweet, you might want to pair it with something bitter for the drink.

Jalapeno Cheese Roll (15k)

A bread consist of cheese, Jalapeno and onion. Tasted savory and a bit spicy from the Jalapeno. 

VIA Mocha Land (27.5k)
Having the success to blend VIA coffee on their Spring's selection red velvet cake roll, this time they blend the VIA with mocha to create this soft mocha roll cake. I like it. Even the coffee tasted quite strong, but I like how the sweetness from mocha was a bit reduced with the coffee taste. Try to have it in chill temperature, my personal prefer. 

Valencia Tart (25k)
Something created for Chocolate lovers. Actually, I am one of those chocolate lover but personally I find the chocolate too thick that I can't enjoy it much. Although I do like the pastry around it. Crunchy and crisp.

VIA Snowflake Land (17.5k)

Another creation with VIA coffee. This one also one of my favorite. The filling was generous and not too sweet as blended with VIA coffee. The puff pastry was soft and light with chocolate topping. Delicious!

All the Autumn selections will be available on every Starbucks outlet next week and will only be available until beginning of November. Make sure not to miss it. At the end of the event, I was very very full from all the delicious treats. Like it's not enough pampering, we walk away with a goodie bag from Starbucks. Thank you Starbucks for the invitation and to spoil us in such great hospitality. :)

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