Friday, September 21, 2012

One Tuesday at Summarecon Mall Serpong: Lots of food, lots of fun.

I always enjoy going to a place I never, or in this case, barely go. When my bestie called me up for a day out to Summarecon Mall Serpong, I quickly said yes. A place I barely go with many new exciting diners to try surely can be something to enlighten my Tuesday, not to mention having it with a good company as she is, someone who always okay that her diet plan getting ruined by me, her "always curious" best friend. *grin*
The moment I ended my conversation, I scrolled down the note pad on my Blackberry, and there it was "Places to eat in SMS", Sunny Side Up, Mama's German, Warung Talaga, Quench, The Barrel, Bakerz Inn Artisan. I texted my bestie, we should at least eat at 3 places! She replied... Ok! with a wink. Aw... my food hunting partner. :)

So, proudly (or shamelessly?) to say we did manage to go to 3 places, and here they are:


Tofu is always one of my favorite cheap traditional food. A warm sizzling tofu with sambel terasi can easily pleased my taste buds.When I found out about this warung in a mall with "uniquely tofu" concept, I was excited to try, especially when I know the tofu was supply by the famous Yun Sen tofu. The interior of the restaurant is very traditional antique with all the modest warung style design.
They have quite selections on tofu, we tried their most popular, Tahu bodo (18k) and Tahu bletok (15k). The portion was small which was perfect for us that time. I like the tahu bodo very much, the spiciness level is up to our request and we requested hot one, and it was indeed quite spicy. The tofu was very smooth with salty and spicy going on. I didn't really like the tahu bletok. It was quite ok, deep fried but I don't like the so called meat on the top as it felt too much flour.

Know more about them on:
Available at: Downtown Walk Summarecon Mall Serpong, Paris Van Java Bandung, Ciwalk Bandung. 


After tofu, now eggs. We ate a lot of healthy full of protein food, huh? So, Sunny Side Up is a cute bright white orange diner focusing on everything about eggs. From scrambled, baked, omelets, boiled or even paired it with other ingredients, bottom line.. It's all about eggs. We ordered their recommendation, Rambutan quail eggs (33k) and Egg & bacon (25.5k). I like the rambutan quail eggs. Very unique idea to combine egg with minced beef and deep fried it. I love how it blended well with all the seasonings. I normally avoid beef as I don't really like the smell except when it comes to steak, of course. But this one didn't have any beef smells. We can choose how we want the eggs, we chose half boiled. It came wrapped inside a bacon. Sadly the bacon was too salty and hard to chew.

Know more about them on:
Available at: Ruko Alexandrite Serpong, Downtown walk SMS. Opening soon at Kota Kasablanka, Supermall Karawaci and Living World.


Our next and final stop. We did wandering around the mall first, give some time for our tummy to breathe before we headed to this food festival. One stall that caught my attention was the Sate Padang Mak Syukur, the queuing line was massive. I ordered a plate of 10pcs sate padang+lontong (22). I don't know why people willingly queuing that long, to me the taste was so standard.
My friend ordered Bebek Goreng Kaleyo, a well known eatery in Sunter famous for their duck specialties. It was delicious. The duck meat was tender, yet it was crispy on the outside. A plate of rice with 1/2 fried duck cost 30k, a price which I consider very much worth the taste.
When I was queuing for the sate padang, I saw Es cendol duren (18k) in the stall beside them so I decided to buy one, again it was so so and too sweet for my taste. Plus they were being stingy on the durian, I can't hardly taste it. 

Festival Kuliner Serpong: Sep 14th - Oct 7th 2012. 

Summarecon Mall Serpong
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong
Sentra Gading Serpong
Ph. +6221 5460888


elvina febriani said...

slalu penasaran ama sunny side up tp lom sempet coba2.. kapan2 boleh dhe nyebrang dr kampus ngemil2..

SeorangPrempuan said...

wah SMS deket ama resto korea favorit gue tuh.... :D Serpong emang banyak bener ya godaannya wkwkw

Ivy said...

@elvina: kampusnya uph? buset tiap hari pluit-tangerang dunk?

@seorg perempuan: iyah skrg serpong byk bgt makanannya.

Papoyz said...

wah keren banget ya