Friday, June 29, 2012


A new place to see and to be seen. When I knew it was under Ismaya group, high expectations were raised. From the stylish Blowfish and Social House to the much humble Mr. Curry, I always love the design concept of all diners under Ismaya group. As for SKYE? It took my breath away... 

The first time I went to Skye was after my lunch at Downtown Bistro. Fascinated by their very own private lift which took us to the 56th flr, we were greeted and asked politely on where we wanted to sit. Apparently the entire floor were divided into lounge/ bar where only cocktails, desserts and finger foods allowed to be ordered and dining for a heavy meal. Without knowing that reservation is essential in this place, we were in luck to be seated directly in the lounge area.

Positioned in one of the tallest building's roof top, sitting in the lounge area with spectacular view of J-town surely gives a whole other feeling. It's like for the moment we were there, I forget a bit that I was actually in Jakarta. With comfy sofa beds set in front of a pool looking through the view, the breeze was relaxing. It was a very good place to chat while waiting for sunset.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Golden Egg Tart

Okay, a short post only just to elaborate how scrumptious this egg tart is. I always love Portuguese egg tart in Macao and the famous Lord Stow's egg tart was one of so many egg tarts can be found there. Quite some time ago, I found out Jakarta also had this Portuguese egg tart, saw it in some fellow bloggers site and it looked so gooood. Sadly, Golden Egg Tart only located in malls I barely go to due to the far location. So only until last Sunday, I dragged my husband to Gandaria City for the one and only purpose. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Downtown Bistro

Several days ago, I went to a recently open bistro located in the heart of Sudirman. Unlike what I had in mind, the place was not too spacious although the outdoor area was quite large, but I do like how they did with the interior inside. I love the bricks on the wall, the dotted floor, the mirror ceiling, and the bookshelves which gave library (slash) intimate diner feeling. The two things bothered me were the way too loud Jazz music and the air-con which freakishly hot.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Crown Palace

About two months ago, lines of board flowers outside Pluit Junction caught my attention. The mall had been a solitude place for quite some time. Most of food tenants in the mall were closing down, so I was surprise to see a Chinese restaurant recently opened there. 

Couple weeks ago, after the very very very unpleasant breakfast at Lei Garden (will post soon, so lazy to have to write about an awful food experience), my mom and I went to Crown Palace on our way back home. It was not  lunch time so the place was almost empty. They occupied two places, upper floor took place of the former Cuisine Cuisine was meant for ala carte formal lunch or dinner, meanwhile the one at the ground floor took place of the former Mame Sushi meant for much simpler food, serving dimsum, xiao long bao, lamian and rice/ noodle set. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

[CLOSED] Somboon Thai Seafood

Through out all my buying trips for Lemon, one place I have always wanted to go but never had the chance was the famous Somboon seafood. The three attempts to go there always failed, from the tuk - tuk driver took us to the wrong seafood place until the so many taxi drivers who couldn't seem to know where this so called the most famous seafood in Bangkok. So I gave up until around three weeks ago, I found out a new Thai seafood named Somboon opened at pX Pavilion. Very excited! Couple weeks ago I dragged my parents and husband to dine there on a Saturday night.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bubble tea fever in Jakarta: Which one you like best?

You know how you are on diet and there's just one thing that you simply cannot let go, and you just let it ruin your diet plan? Well, for me that thing came in plastic cups with toppings. I love bubble tea and simply can't get enough of them. Who's with me?

Update: For bubble Tea brands located at PIK, pls click here.

CHA TIME  (franchise from Taiwan)

Strong points: Comes with the most variants among others bubble tea, generous toppings and the richest flavors of others bubble tea. Originate from Taiwan. Their plum tea is the best, rich in flavor, really can feel the sourness.

Price range: 18 - 21k for regular, 21 - 24k for large.  

Recommendation: Taiwan plum green tea & Sour plum green tea with aloe vera toppings. Both are top notch.

Available at: Central Park, Ciputra, Gandaria City, Senayan City, Living World, Mal Artha gading, Mal Puri Indah, MKG 3, Ace Bintaro, Plaza Semanggi, Kota Kasablanka, Grand Indonesia, Mall Taman Anggrek, Emporium Pluit, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Baywalk.

Read complete review here

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Convivium Cafe Deli

From Sinou Kaffee Hausen, we went straight to Convivium which can be reached within walking distance. I have been curious about the place which often identified as one of the place that served the best cakes. That day, the place was super crowded and super noisy. Lucky for us there was an empty table fits five of us. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sinou Kaffee Hausen

Last Saturday, my friends and I were having a girls day out and we went to Sinou Kaffee Hausen. Located in Panglima Polim next to Seven Eleven, the place was not exactly what I have in mind. As I parked my car, I was surprised to see how small the place was from the outside. Stepping inside, the place was indeed not spacious. 

As when we seated, I took some time to see the whole place and slowly getting to quite enjoy it. The whole place looked vintage with the old wooden furniture, big black piano, unfinished walls with some sort of under construction look. I couldn't say that I like the place, but it did had an unique concept and offered many great backgrounds for photo shoots. There was also a couple doing a pre wedding shot during our visit.

Friday, June 1, 2012

[CLOSED] Cafe Aria

It had been quite some time I wanted to go this place who took Tony's Roma former location in Panin building. So couple weeks ago on a Saturday night, I went there with hubby. Cafe Aria is one of the hippest cafe in town at the moment and the place was super crowded when we arrived without reservation. There were still some tables on the outdoor but it was super hot with all the yellow lights so we waited for the one inside, lucky for us we were seated shortly although it was not the ideal spot as it was in the center of the room between two long tables with big crowds who kept on looking whenever I lifted my camera to took pictures of the interior, so I ended to not getting any pictures as I thought to wait until I finished our dinner and that's when the camera's battery went off. :(