Monday, June 25, 2012

Golden Egg Tart

Okay, a short post only just to elaborate how scrumptious this egg tart is. I always love Portuguese egg tart in Macao and the famous Lord Stow's egg tart was one of so many egg tarts can be found there. Quite some time ago, I found out Jakarta also had this Portuguese egg tart, saw it in some fellow bloggers site and it looked so gooood. Sadly, Golden Egg Tart only located in malls I barely go to due to the far location. So only until last Sunday, I dragged my husband to Gandaria City for the one and only purpose. 

The quite distance from our house was very much worth the time. The egg tart was so delicious! It had this crunchiness on the top and edges of the tart, yet the middle was so soft and not milky at all. It was really good and tasted the same like the one in Macao. 

Whoever open this place, Thank you!

Golden Egg Tart 
Gandaria City Level 2 - 258A
Jl. KH M Syaffii Hadzani No. 8
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Ph.+6221 29053263

Other outlets: 
- Living World Alam Sutra, GF 38B (+6221 29239461)
- Mall Kelapa Gading 3, R-02A (+6221 4529645)
- Komp. Ruko Pasar Modern BSD (+6221 53158530)


AnakJajan said...

yummy! dimakan panas2 enak, dikulkasin juga enak loh

Ivy said...

iyahh yummy bgt ya! g kmrn ga coba sih pas dikulkasin, g ovenin dl krn mikirnya ga enak klo dingin2. tar lain kali mau coba dingin2. :D

SeorangPrempuan said...

kalok di living world, seberangan ama chatime. jd duduk di chatime ngemutin bubble tea + egg tart = heaven nyamm :P

Ivy said...

Hehehe perfect pairing bgt yah...

Anonymous said...

Mba ivy, itu 6 golden egg tartnya berapa harganya ? :)

Ivy said...

hi dear... aku lupa. sekitar 6600 per pcs klo ga salah. :)