Monday, June 11, 2012

[CLOSED] Somboon Thai Seafood

Through out all my buying trips for Lemon, one place I have always wanted to go but never had the chance was the famous Somboon seafood. The three attempts to go there always failed, from the tuk - tuk driver took us to the wrong seafood place until the so many taxi drivers who couldn't seem to know where this so called the most famous seafood in Bangkok. So I gave up until around three weeks ago, I found out a new Thai seafood named Somboon opened at pX Pavilion. Very excited! Couple weeks ago I dragged my parents and husband to dine there on a Saturday night.

We reached there at almost 9pm while their last order was at 9.30. Place was not really crowded. Interior appeared to be combination of modern Chinese with Thailand's ornaments from the elephant's picture framed in the wall and some Thailand's statues. Upon ordering, I asked the waiter if it was the franchise from Bangkok, and sadly it was not. They told me they adopted their cooking style but it was not a franchise. I was quite confused though as they used the same name "Somboon Thai Seafood" and stated they adopted their cooking style but was not a franchise. Too bad I never know the logo of the one in Bangkok. 

Anyway, the one in Bangkok was famous for their curry crab, so I figured even it was not their franchise, I wanted to give it a try. We ordered Fried curry crab (27k per ounce: 202.5k for 7,5 ounce), Mango salad (20k), Tom yam goong (45k), Steamed seabass with chilli, garlic and lime (135k), Stir fried squid with salted egg (60k), Grilled sea mussels in red curry and thai basil sauce (35k). 

Their fried curry crab, steamed seabass and squid with salted egg were very very delicious!!! The curry flavor was very good, not too strong like in some Indian food, crab meat was tender. The lime and chilli in the steamed seabass was extremely refreshing, hot and sour, too bad I forgot to take the picture. Last but not least, my favorite of the night was the squid with salted egg. It was one of the best squid dish I ever tasted. The squid was perfectly cooked, very tender stir with the delicious salted egg. Foodgasm! 

Tom yam goong and sea mussels were both disappointment. 45k for such small bowl of tom yam that in my opinion didn't even reflected what tom yam should taste like. The sea mussels were mushy and the red curry sauce was too much. 

To end our dinner, we ordered Mango and sticky rice (35k), my favorite Thai dessert was scrumptious. The mangoes were sweet, served with warm sticky rice and vla sauce that was not too sweet. Heaven! We also ordered Ruam Mit, traditional Thai dessert like Es Campur (assorted sweets mixed with ice and syrup), it was so so and too sweet.

Overall, even it was not the franchise of the one in Bangkok, but I truly enjoy my dinner there. Service was polite and quick, food was great although portion was quite small and so far, in my opinion, it is the best Thai restaurant in Jakarta that served authentic Thai food. Recommended! 

Somboon Thai seafood
pX Pavilion @ St. Moritz
Jl. Puri Indah Raya, CBD Puri
West Jakarta


irene said...

I've been waiting for good thai restaurant in jakarta! will definitely try this when i'm back. thanks for reviewing, Ivy! :))

Ivy said...

You should definitely try it. Hope u like it as much as i do. :)