Saturday, June 16, 2012

Crown Palace

About two months ago, lines of board flowers outside Pluit Junction caught my attention. The mall had been a solitude place for quite some time. Most of food tenants in the mall were closing down, so I was surprise to see a Chinese restaurant recently opened there. 

Couple weeks ago, after the very very very unpleasant breakfast at Lei Garden (will post soon, so lazy to have to write about an awful food experience), my mom and I went to Crown Palace on our way back home. It was not  lunch time so the place was almost empty. They occupied two places, upper floor took place of the former Cuisine Cuisine was meant for ala carte formal lunch or dinner, meanwhile the one at the ground floor took place of the former Mame Sushi meant for much simpler food, serving dimsum, xiao long bao, lamian and rice/ noodle set. 

As we were looking for something light, we went to the ground floor and ordered Steamed siew may (16.8k), Original xiao long bao (32k for 6pcs) and Lamian superior fried chicken (32k). The lamian was good. Noodle was savory and smooth, nicely seasoned not tasteless like some famous lamian places, fried chicken was crunchy and not oily. It was good. The rest of the dishes were not. Siewmay was mushy, the xiao long bao was dry, non of the juice meat burst out when we took the first bite of the dumpling. Both were disappointment. 

In my personal opinion, considering it was located in a quiet mall, they need to upgrade the flavor of the dishes so people truly have reason to come all the way to a quiet mall that almost got nothing just to dine there.

Crown Palace
Pluit Junction GF and 1st Flr
Jl. Pluit Raya No. 1
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 6606666
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm (open at 8am on Sunday)

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