Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Downtown Bistro

Several days ago, I went to a recently open bistro located in the heart of Sudirman. Unlike what I had in mind, the place was not too spacious although the outdoor area was quite large, but I do like how they did with the interior inside. I love the bricks on the wall, the dotted floor, the mirror ceiling, and the bookshelves which gave library (slash) intimate diner feeling. The two things bothered me were the way too loud Jazz music and the air-con which freakishly hot.

So we ordered Chicago loop sampler (65k), a plate of appetizers with combination of fried calamari, buffalo wings and quesadilla wrap. The buffalo wings sauce was barbeque and it was well marinated, quesadilla was good, I didn't like the calamary though, it had this fishy smells.

My friend ordered Pan seared salmon steak (89k) for her main course. The lemon balsamic seared salmon was served with rosemary potatoes and green salad. We were quite surprised to see the black burnt salmon skin. Other than the burnt salmon skin, the fish itself was perfectly cooked, soft and well seasoned. But still first impression of the black burnt salmon skin blew me off.
I chose Tuna spaghetti aglio olio (55k), sauteed with olive oil, basil leaves, dry chilli and olives with slices of grilled tuna. The pasta was cooked well and nicely seasoned, but it was way too dry.

The bistro is having some promos asf:
Daily 11am - 2pm
Any pasta selections or Asian favorite with homemade lychee iced tea for 49k ++.

Every Saturday 9am - 2pm
Get 1 compliment dessert for every two breakfast set menus or get 1 compliment dessert for every three main courses.

Daily 3pm - 6pm
Buy 1 dessert and get free iced regular coffee or tea.
Buy 1 get 2 (Corona or Bintang). 

Downtown Bistro 
The Landmark Building GF
Jl. Jend Sudirman No.1
Ph. +6221 52960064
Opening hours: 7am - 9.30pm

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