Sunday, May 26, 2013

Colette & Lola

The first time I heard about Colette & Lola, a new cakery concept from Ismaya group was during Jakarta Culinary Festival on 2012, and ever since I have been waiting impatiently for it to open. Not because I am a sweet tooth, but more to the fact I always love almost all restaurants under Ismaya. Getting more anxious when I learned to know the pastry chef, Steve Diaz, have had a promising international pastry career in England, Lebanon, Cairo and America. So several days after the opening of Colette & Lola, I dragged hubs to accompany me there. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mamasan Bali

Last week, I went for a short trip to Bali with hubs. The purpose is mainly to attend one of hubby's customer's wedding, so the trip was really short and since the week before we have decided to make it a relax trip instead of a food trip as usual. ;) The reason of why we wanted it to be more of a relax trip was because lately hubs and I have had a super hectic days, so we mainly want to have our three days in Bali to be scheduled free.We mostly ate inside the hotel, hence no food review will be posted except this one.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


From Common People, we went to another new diner located at Kebayoran Baru. Bistronomy is a homey bistro with sophisticated food concepts with variety of menu from Asian to Western. The interior design is flawless. Beautiful, chic and vintage with touch of classiness on the table setting and cutlery. They even purposely hired an interior design from France to create a semi fine dining with homey and chic atmosphere.

Common People

Last Thursday, my girls and I met up at one of the most talked about eatery at Kemang, Common People. Took place at the same building where Praline used to be, the interior was warm and cozy. Unlike what might seem a bit old from the outside, the inside actually designed pretty nice. Dark colour brick walls with glass windows and big chandelier lamps. The big brown couches next to the windows added the whole warm vintage look.

E & O Jakarta

The diners under collaboration between Chef Will Meyrick of Sarong & Mama San Bali with groups behind Loewy & Union came as the newest addition in town. Lately, it has been too much new diners with the same type of cuisine. E&O, short for Eastern & Oriental brings a fresh atmosphere into Jakarta's F&B with an unique creation of Thai & Vietnamese cuisine. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ismaya Catering Cafe

Hello! Can you believe it's another new month already? I swear time wasn't flying this fast when I was a kid. Now, it's like a while ago we were waiting for New year, and bam... It's May already. Anyway, last week, I was meeting up one of my closest ex-colleague for a lunch date. We were supposed to have lunch at Salt Grill, but then the traffic and rain forced us to cancel the reservation, so we went to Ismaya Catering Cafe instead. A recent new diner by the great Ismaya. Have I mentioned that I love all Ismaya's diner? Well, except Mr. Curry (closed) and Sushi Groove, perhaps.