Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ismaya Catering Cafe

Hello! Can you believe it's another new month already? I swear time wasn't flying this fast when I was a kid. Now, it's like a while ago we were waiting for New year, and bam... It's May already. Anyway, last week, I was meeting up one of my closest ex-colleague for a lunch date. We were supposed to have lunch at Salt Grill, but then the traffic and rain forced us to cancel the reservation, so we went to Ismaya Catering Cafe instead. A recent new diner by the great Ismaya. Have I mentioned that I love all Ismaya's diner? Well, except Mr. Curry (closed) and Sushi Groove, perhaps.

The concept design, as always worth to take notice. A semi open air cafe with open kitchen, colorful touch and details on each aspects which I personally think can only be brought by Ismaya group. The place is cozy casual, suitable for a good chat with friends, or what some people might say, ngupi ngupi lucu. I didn't even know how to describe it in English. Some people could be very creative with their alay words.

Serving a limited choice of International food from Asian to Western type of cuisine, we opted for Chilli fries con carne (35k), Thai chicken wings (45k), Bakso iga sapi bu kumis (38k) and Spaghetti spicy pesto with chicken (45k). The fries was quite enjoyable, not flabby even with the minced beef and sauces on the top. The chicken wings though listed as their favorites, wasn't good enough to meet our expectations. I thought anything Thai should be sour and sweet, but this one generally the latter only. The meatballs and spaghetti were quite good. Petite portion, but I liked the meatball's springiness and they cooked the spaghetti al dente.

Overall I would say the place is okay. It's not the kind of diners which make you die die also must return for second visit, but I wouldn't mind to go back for another casual dining with affordable price, acceptable food taste and likeable atmosphere before they closed. Yes, it's a second pop up restaurant from Ismaya catering Co., the one that is scheduled to open for a period of time only before they moved to other area, or permanently closed or open for good, maybe.

Ismaya Catering Cafe 
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall 5th floor unit ED2 - 12A
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1
Ph. +6221 23581157

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