Monday, May 20, 2013

Mamasan Bali

Last week, I went for a short trip to Bali with hubs. The purpose is mainly to attend one of hubby's customer's wedding, so the trip was really short and since the week before we have decided to make it a relax trip instead of a food trip as usual. ;) The reason of why we wanted it to be more of a relax trip was because lately hubs and I have had a super hectic days, so we mainly want to have our three days in Bali to be scheduled free.We mostly ate inside the hotel, hence no food review will be posted except this one.

The words of Mamasan and award winning Sarong owned by celebrity chef Will Meyrick had been spreading around as two of the must visit restaurants in Bali. Actually I wanted to go to the latter one, but the dress code applied not suited how we dressed that day, so we went to Mamasan, a more slightly casual one. As we entered the two storey restaurant, we immediately saw painting of the iconic Asian lady (read: Mamasan) on the wall. The retro vintage concept were truly captured especially on the upstairs' design. I loved how they managed to make the place different with the rest of the diners around Oberoi rd.    

Here's what we ordered: La lot Vietnamese grilled minced pork belly wrapped in betel leaves (58k), Roast duck egg noodles soup with pork and prawn dumpling gailan & beansprouts (90k), Crispy salted pork with yellow bean garlic chilli and gailan (100k) and Peking duck with green mango carrot shrimp coriander & nuoc cham dressing (75k).

The food were wonderful! I especially adore the Peking duck salad, it was so full of flavor. I love how tangy it was, and not just the salad, the roast duck noodle were delicious too, juicy and tender duct meat with perfectly cooked and well seasoned noodles. Both pork dishes, La lot minced pork belly and the crispy salted pork were equally good. Mamasan definitely served one of the best meal I've had in Bali. :) 

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 135
Br. Taman, Bali
Ph. +62361 730436

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