Tuesday, May 14, 2013

E & O Jakarta

The diners under collaboration between Chef Will Meyrick of Sarong & Mama San Bali with groups behind Loewy & Union came as the newest addition in town. Lately, it has been too much new diners with the same type of cuisine. E&O, short for Eastern & Oriental brings a fresh atmosphere into Jakarta's F&B with an unique creation of Thai & Vietnamese cuisine. 

Two weekends ago, I went there with hubs and though the place were fully crowded, we were quite lucky to be seated shortly. The ambiance was nothing like most of the Asian dining, being under the group behind Loewy & Union, the design somehow reflects to theirs with the glass windows, ceramic wall, semi open kitchen with bar on the side of the entrance. If you have been to Loewy & Union, you'll get the vibe.

As we seated, the waiter handed the menu while informing us that most of their menu was meant for sharing. We ordered Grilled beef salad with green mango, shallots, peanuts, miny and nahm jim jauw (90k), Crispy pork belly with tamarillo and tamarind sauce served with nam pla prik (190k) and Stir fried squid with curry powder, coconut milk and egg (75k). They were all so goood! Funtastic good. They were all very tangy, generous portions meant for sharing and so delicious! Unfortunately, one of their signature dessert, Durian panna cotta with white sticky rice (50k) wasn't live up to expectation. The sticky rice was good, but the panna cotta was way way too sweet.

Back then, when I was still going back and forth to Bangkok for buying trip, hubs and I ate a lot of local Thai street food. I swear, Bangkok has one of the most delicious yet cheapest street food. We've been saying a lot how we missed Bangkok and all the food. There is one street hawker who serves super tasty local Thai food which we always went to during all our trips, we used to order around 5 dishes and only paid around 120 - 150k Rupiah! Gosh, how I miss Bangkok. The only country where Rupiah actually meant something.

Anyway, though the price was obviously different, I'm happy to say that it was enough to satisfy my Thai craving. I liked it so much that I went again the next day with my family, this time for lunch. Turns out they have different menu for lunch and dinner. The lunch one caters simpler personal menu such as pad thai or rice set, though they served portion sharing menu as well. We ordered Thai fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce and pickled cucumber (50k), "Som tum" green mango salad with snake beans, peanuts and dried shrimps (45k), Stir fried prawns with ginger, garlic, snow peas and baby corn (95k) and "Choo chee" of crispy barramundi with chilli and thai basil (110k).

Although they were all good, the portions somehow were much smaller than the one we had before night. So we ordered couple more dishes and they didn't came until we finished our lunch. The same thing happen to the tables next to us. One was complaining because they got the orders wrong, one was complaining because the orders took too long to be served. Nevertheless, I have no complain on the food and dare to say that it is one of my best meal in 2013. Hopefully, the service would be improved along the way. 

** Images of interiors are taken from E and O's FB page. 

Menara Rajawali 1st fl.
Jl. Mega Kuningan lot 5.1
(across Oakwood Kuningan)
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29023418
Opening hours: 11am - 1am

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irene said...

everything looks good and I love how they serve som tum in mortar & pestle! :)