Tuesday, May 14, 2013


From Common People, we went to another new diner located at Kebayoran Baru. Bistronomy is a homey bistro with sophisticated food concepts with variety of menu from Asian to Western. The interior design is flawless. Beautiful, chic and vintage with touch of classiness on the table setting and cutlery. They even purposely hired an interior design from France to create a semi fine dining with homey and chic atmosphere.

Seeing how Bistronomy have four chefs specialized at Asian, western, desserts and wine, we decided to order from each except the wine selections. Deep fried soft shell crab with soy garlic vinaigrette (50k) from the western side, Fisherman's wharf sushi (130k) from the Asian menu and Rare mango pudding (55k) for the desserts

The soft shell crab was good. Perfectly cooked, non oily and crunchy. The sushi was very very ordinary. Good cut of sushi but lack of taste. Pls don't make me compare to my favorite sushi chain, as this one won't stand a chance. The dessert, their signature and most talked about rare mango pudding was also came to disappointment for us. The overly huge portion was worth the price tag but I didn't really enjoy the sweetness of it, even after the pouring of bit sour mango sauce, it was still way too sweet and condensed. I wasn't sure if it was us who chose the wrong menu, or there was something wrong with our taste buds, but the quality of food just didn't match the quality of the interior design. But, as I have fallen for those gorgeous pretty vintage bistro, I will make a second visit and hopefully a better luck on the food. 'till I see you!

Jl. Ciranjang (Ciniru 1 no.2)
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 7396655
Opening hours: Sun - Thu 11am - 11pm
                        Fri - Sat 11am - 1am
Check more pictures of the bistro at their FB page.

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Cend Woo said...

wow.. i really think bistronomy should be awarded as one of the prettiest restaurant.. so pretty thou the foods weren't great