Saturday, November 3, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins in Food

Still on the topic...

I tried to find food tag in seven deadly sins food related, but unlike the one in beauty tag, I almost didn't find any good one. It was more like the boring questions on what's your fave food, fave ice cream, fave dessert, and so on...
I figure since I really really want to have a food tag in this seven deadly sins topic, I went ahead taking what's good and be creative with the rest of the questions. So here it goes, my seven deadly sins in food!


Q: What is the most delicious inexpensive meal you ever have?
A: I'm sure I have eaten a lot of delicious inexpensive meal in my life, but the one pops instantly is the seafood pork fried rice in Bangkok. It was so good! yet so cheap 9k with pork, with seafood, plenty! Gosh I miss Bangkok!

Q: What is the most delicious expensive meal you ever have?
A: I would have to say the sets of imported beef tepanyaki at Edogin or the Chilli crab at No Signboard Seafood Vivo City. 

2. WRATH  
Q: What type of food do you have a love/ hate relationship with? 
A: A plate of sirloin/ tenderloin steak. If a certain food shall be my last meal on earth, a sizzling hot sirloin steak, well down, no sauce, with mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms would be my choice. I love steak so much, but at the same time I hate it when it was way overcooked and none of the juiciness left on the meat. 

Q: What is your guilty pleasure food?
A: Nasi uduk with fried chicken, fried tofu tempe and very spicy sambal terasi. Fattening, sinful, unhealthy yet oh so good!!!

Q: What healthy food do you avoid, due to laziness?
A: Vegetable juice. (can juice be categorized as food?) I known by fact that vegetable juice is healthier compare to fruit juices, but most of the times I am too lazy to make my own veggie juice.

Q: If you could cook and dine with anyone in the world (dead/alive), who would it be? 
A: Chef Gordon Ramsay. The reason I chose him had nothing to do with the part of him as a celebrity chef. Despite of all his appearances in reality cooking TV shows, I truly have a big respect towards him. A brilliant chef with 11 Michelin stars, so far. 

Q: If you could travel to anywhere in the world to eat one particular dish, what would it be? 
A: Fillet of beef wellington at Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's, London. 

Q: Name one thing food related you wish to have? 
A: I wish I can eat anything, anytime I want without gaining any weight.   

Foodies, what's your seven deadly sins in food? Let's do some food tag. 

Couple posts just for fun. Tomorrow got bunch of piled up writings need to be taken care of. Until then!


irene said...

The envy part is totally me! kalo bisa makan sepuasnya, tapi ga naik 1 kilo pun..hahagia banget gue hehehe :)

Selba said...

According to wikipedia and also Hell's kitchen season 10, chef Gordon Ramsay's already received 13 Michelin stars, not 11 ;)

Ivy said...

@irene: hehehe every women wish bgt yah. mlm2 ngidem indomie juga sikat aja ga usa takut besok naik. hahaha

@selba: oh really? liat di gordon's website masih tertulis 11 michelin stars. hahaha thanksss for the info ci selba :) akan segera diupdate.:D

elvina febriani said...

itu poto steak dmn thu? looks so wowww

Ivy said...

Outback :)